Best Robotics Simulation Software for Beginners

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List of Best Robotics Simulation Software for beginners

Robots Designing and Testing is a time-consuming job and it is also not possible to make prototypes, designs many times. These challenges also slow down the development process. It becomes hard for beginners to get started in the robotics field. use of this Best Robotics Simulation Software will reduce your challenges This software does not only reduce your cost but also reduces time.

Select the best robotics Simulation software before building a real robot. Some robotics Simulation software supports a wide range of sensors and robot platforms. this simulators software also supports different programming languages example C, C++, Java, MATLAB and Python. you will also find some open-source robot Simulation software’s.

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Commercial Robotics Simulation Software 

(1) RoboDK
(2) ABB Robostudio
(3) Fanuc roboguide Simulation software

(1) RoboDk

RoboDk is a commercial simulation software you can start simulate and programme your robot in five different ways. Start from offline programming then follow the following steps.
1) select your robot from the library, you will find over 500 industrial robot arms. There are more than 50 robot manufacturing company robots including ABB, Fanuc, KUKA.
2) selected your tool
3) load your 3D model
4) simulate your tool path
5) generate robot programs
No programming skills are required for RoboDk, you can also program your robot in offline mode in just a few clicks.

(2) ABB RoboStudio

ABB robostudio is the most used offline robotics programming tool. Using this software you can programme your robots from a PC without disturbing your production. the simulator allows you to programme, train your robots and optimisation even in offline mode. the tool is created by ABB Virtual controller an exact copy of your real software which runs your robots during production. You can also download a free version of the ABB robotstudio & robotstudio PowerPack for 30 days trial.

(3) Roboguide 

Roboguide (Fanuc roboguide Simulation software) Roboguid is made for large industries Fanuc Robots. This software has incredible potential, user can create factory-like similar environmental conditions in the simulator and can test, process and different tasks like welding, painting, materials handling by Robots.

Best Robotics Simulation Software for beginners

(1) Microsoft robotics developer studio
(2) Robotics virtual worlds
(3) NVIDIA ISAAC Platform for robotics
(4) V-REP
(5) Gazebo simulator
(6) Webots

(1) Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio:- This simulation software can be used to create 3D Simulation, This software work only on the Windows operating system. It also supports most robotics platforms like VEX, LEGO Mindstorms and different sensors as well.

(2) Robotics Virtual Worlds.

Robotics virtual worlds:- This simulation software is paid software but the free trial versions are also available. if you want to use all the features of this software then you can upgrade it to a premium version.

You can create 3D LEGO Mindstorms robots with NXTG or LabView.and you can also create your costume robot models in this software. you can also use this software as a platform to teach robotics to kits and students.

(3) NVIDIA ISAAC Platform for Robotics.

NVIDIA ISAAC Platform for Robotics:- This software run on your GPU enabled desktop Or cloud in AWS, google cloud, Azure and it also supports NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2. In this platform, you will find the best graphics in robotics simulations. It also has GPU support for complex data processing and machine learning. 

4) V-REP

V-REP is free for education software, you can also update this software to the premium version if you want to use software for commercial use and commercial projects. V-REP support windows,macOS, Linux and six different programming languages. It also has BlueZero & ROS support and it also supports four different physical engines (Network, ODE, Bullet and vortex Dynamics). V-RAP Supports particle physics to simulate water and Air. this software handles object interaction like collision, grasping and contact points.

V-REP Support different sensors and even user can add different sensors in the simulator using a plugin. User can also work on motion and path planning in V-REP and even user can also work on kinematic like inverse kinematics and forward kinematics. you can also import models in different 3D Formats (Obj, STL, URDF).

(5) Gazebo Simulator

The Gazebo is an open-source simulator use for testing, visualising, designing of almost all type of robots. Gazebo simulator support windows, Linux, Mac and it also has inbuild support of ROS (Robot Operation System) & Player. This Gazebo simulator support high-performance physical engines like DART, Simbody, ODE and Bullet. Gazebo uses an ORGE 3D graphics engine for rendering high-quality environments with accurate texture, shadows and light.

If you don’t have your own robot models then you can use PR2, DX, TurtleBot, Irobot create. the simulator also supports a wide range of sensors. you can simulate real environmental conditions on the sensors.

Gazebo simulator also runs on the cloud and you can interact with the simulator using the simple web. This is the perfect simulator if you want to work on the laptop you can rent an AWS instance to quickly test your designs.

(6) Webots

Webots is a user-friendly robotics simulator that runs on Linux, Windows and macOS. this simulator support different programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java, URBI, MATLAB.user also can control the simulator using API and standard TCP/IP Network.

The webots use open dynamics engine (ODE) to simulate a physical realistic 3D environment. you can also add collisions and contact points for accurate modelling. using collection and contact point you can test a wide range of scenarios and conditions in the simulator. you will also find a library of robot models NASA Robots, Aibo, PR2 in the simulator.

Webots also supports VRML97, it becomes easy to import different robots designs from modelling software (AutoCAD, Blender, inventor, Solidworks).you can also import terrain data and maps for the testing environment.

Must know these things before using Robotics Simulation Software.

(1) you require a high-quality graphics card and a powerful computer to process 3D stimulations
(2) sensors in Simulation software may give different readings and respond differently compared to reality.
(3) simulators only give an approximate overview of robotics and sensors behaviour in the real environment, but values and behaviour may be different in the real world.

Advantages of Robotics Simulation Software.

1) Simulate Complex Environments
2) Test in a Safe Environment.
3) Easy to make changes.
4) Save Time and Increase the Speed of the Process.
5) Save Money.
6) You can easily implement Machine learning algorithms.

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