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Minus Zero Self Driving Car first test in Jalandhar Punjab

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Minus Zero CEO:- Gagandeep Reehal
Founded year:- 2020
Founders:- Gagandeep Reehal, Gursimran Kalra
Startup:- Self Driving Car start-up

Minus zero tests autonomous three-wheeler in Jalandhar working on self-driving cars.

Minus Zero, an Indian Self Driving Car start-up discovering an indigenous Level 5 autonomy tech, successfully tested its first demo prototype in unregulated Indian traffic in Jalandhar, becoming the first in the country to do so on urban road. 

An electric three-wheeler was converted into a fully driverless vehicle by the team in just 4 months. that drive itself on a 2 km stretch in urban traffic on April 1, while the company released its official footage yesterday.

Minus Zero Self Driving Car Startup

Self driving three Wheeler tested by minus zero startup
Minus zero self-driving car startup |Gagandeep Reehal, Gursimran Kalra

“Autonomous three-wheeler successfully tested in Jalandhar Punjab on April 1 between 2-4 pm with the help of local authorities and volunteers with proper safety measures,” said Gagandeep Reehal founder of minus zero.

The vehicle can be seen performing complicated driving maneuvers with smooth control and precision. This development has been one of the most fast-paced in the self-driving industry.

Minus Zero Founded during the pandemic in 2020 by Gagandeep Reehal and Gursimran Kalra. Minus Zero is India’s first start-up building affordable fully Self Driving Cars in the country. capable of Level 5 autonomy with highly energy-efficient electric vehicle design and proprietary nature-inspired AI.

That is less dependent on extensive data & costly sensor suites (like LIDAR’s, etc.) with vehicles expected to be able to drive autonomously in highly unstructured and disorganized traffic scenarios like India’s.


Gagandeep Reehal is a deep-tech engineer, AI researcher, author, and technology entrepreneur, presently involved in multiple projects related to Applied Artificial Intelligence, Automobile Design, and Inter-disciplinary Research specializing in the domain of Cognitive & Human-centered AI, Autonomous Vehicles/Robotics, and High-Performance Computing

Having just been 16 years old when he penned down his first book, he has been writing ever since. At age of 20, he already has three book publications to his credit, with numerous works have appeared in various magazines and journals.

“Minus Zero is India’s first start-up building affordable fully Self Driving Cars in the country,” said Gursimran Kalra co-founder of minus zero.

Gagandeep Reehal founder & CEO of Minus zero mentored and judged 65+ developer events & hackathons worldwide, spoken at multiple conferences, and has given technical workshops in numerous engineering institutions all across the globe, etc.

Gursimran Kalra is a finance and management graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC). With the experience of working at BSE and as an investment banker at Vidura Capital, he is a dedicated professional in the domains of finance, operations, and resource management.

He has a well-proven interest in stock markets having started investing at the age of 16. He has also served as the Vice-President of D-Street, SRCC, the only stock market society of Delhi University (DU). He is accredited with clearing FRM Level 1 and is a certified Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM).

Reehal and Gursimran kalra, co-founders of minus zero which has developed the autonomous three wheeler in Jalandhar, Punjab.
Reehal and Gursimran Kalra, co-founders of minus zero which have developed the autonomous three-wheeler in Jalandhar, Punjab.
Startup story of Minus Zero 

It was started as an off-shoot of a project undertaken to counter the rise of road accidents in the country. Over 80% of road accidents happen due to the negligence of the human driver. It’s time that the travel experience in a tough traffic environment like India becomes more rider-centric eventually decreasing the pressure on a driver.

Along with wide use cases of autonomous driving infrastructure in other domains like defense, logistics, and bionics, we are amalgamating this tech with clean energy to power a sustainable automotive industry.

Our R&D is under progress in proprietary nature-inspired AI architecture marvels with less dependency on previous training datasets and can extract greater insights from limited inputs that will help create affordable and stand-aloneAI-enabled solutions whose benefits are sector-agnostic,the founder told to robotics India.

To make it simpler for the audience, we give this analogy “You do not show a human baby 10,000 images of bird to make him capable of knowing that there is a bird in front of him” minus zero team told to robotics India.

Many industry prototypes make heavy use of LiDARS and secondary sensors, Minus Zero claims that their self-driving architecture drives the car similar to how a human does use only eyes, camera in the car’s case.

Competitive Advantage Over our Counterparts –

(1) Our perception algorithms do not depend on lane markings for road detection, making it possible to drive autonomously even on roads in bad condition.
(2) Our systems use 10x lesser GFLOPS per frame achieving high-speed processing, even on edge hardware making it computationally efficient without compromising on accuracy.
(3) Zero dependency on expensive sensor suites like long-range LiDARS even at night.
(4) Nature-inspired vision AI which needs very less previous data for training, and uses predictive behavioral-based planning road ensuring robust autonomy in even unseen environments.

Minus Zero Self Driving Car Startup

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