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[Funding alerts] 11 Robotics startup funding in April 2021

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Robotics startup funding in April 2021
1. Ambi Robotics

Location:- California
Fund Raised:- $6.1 million

Ambi Robotics wants to utilize the fund amount in expanding operations & business reach.Ambi Robotics builds end-to-end solutions for supply chains & aids manufacturing to effectively handle the supply chain. Ambi robotics raises $6.1 million in funding in April. This funding round was led by Bow capital.

2.Canvas (San Francisco-based construction robotics)

Location:-San Francisco
Fund Raised:- $ 24 million

Canvas aims to direct the collected fund amount in robotics in the built environment, including drywall finishing.

Canvas is a K12 education platform that deals with imparting creative educational solutions for students. The company collaborates with schools & educational institutions to extend its innovative technological educational solutions for college students.


Funding raised:- $ 83, 600

The fund raised by the company aims to focus on the improvement of algorithms & machine learning systems for technical research & development feasibility study.

Cavendish corporate finance is UK’s leading M&A advisors, which specializes in provides end-to-end & effective s marketing & sales solutions to their clients.

4.EDDA Technology

Location:- US & China
Funding Raised:- $150 million

The EDDA company is thinking to utilise the funds for curbing major diseases in fast-growing cities like China.EDDA technology is a surgery robotics company, a solution provider in health care imaging & analyses.

5.Gaussian Robotics

Fund Raised:- $ 100 million

Transaction type:- Series B
The fund raised will focus on the increased production of cleaner robots that Gaussian Robotics specializes in.Gaussian Robotics is a China-based company that deals with robotics technology, producing sweeping robots. These robots are mainly produced for commercial ends.

6. Miko (Indian Robotics Company Emotix)

Location:- Mumbai, Maharashtra
Fund Raised:- INR 50 crores

To expand on business operations & development strategies. Miko is dubbed a robotics company that has strong offerings in advanced (AI) Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) & it dedicates itself to crafting efficient solutions for its clients & consumers.

7.National Robotarium

Location:- Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh
Fund Raised:- unspecified

National Robotarium is a Scottish university that has been awarded with a considerable amount to facilitate research on robotics & to curate innovation which will substitute human labour at times of crises. The primary objective is to develop the technology of underwater bomb disposal & dismantling of nuclear materials.

Edinburgh facilitating in-depth research on new technology – AI and Big Data to drive students towards innovation & explore the many offerings of technology.

8.Pickle Robotics Company

Location:- Cambridge
Fund Raised:- $5.75 million

Transaction Type:- (Series B)
The fund raised will be used to work on the diligence of robots in efficacious packaging & delivery services.

Pickle is a start-up that specializes in pickles and gherkins, sets benchmarks in terms of creativity, attractiveness, and competitiveness. Pickle is making its visibility known through its unique product packaging & delivery.

9.Rapid Robotics

Location:- San Francisco
Fund Raised:- $12 million

Transaction Type:- (Series A)
The fund collected will be directed towards the performance of common machine operating tasks namely injection modelling & pick-and-place robots.

Rapid robotics is a company that specializes in common machine operator tasks to aid manufacturers & manufacturing companies to handle labour shortages, scale business & gain the companies effective edges over their competitors.

10.Tangram vision

Funding Raised:- Amount unspecified

The funds raised aim to be used for making robotics simpler when implemented from drones, factory automation & autonomous vehicles like self-driving cars.

Tangram vision builds the infrastructure that is conducive for machine-enabled robots, drone & automation vehicles used by business enterprises.

11.Unbox robotics

Location:- Bengaluru
Funding Raised:- Raise $1.2M

Unbox robotics is a logistics & Automation startup that raises $1.2M in pre-series round.

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