10 Tips for Robotics beginners 2021 Getting Started

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10 Tips for Robotics beginners | 10 Tips for Getting Started with Robotics

Robotics India is sharing here few best tactics for Robotic Learners to make Robotic learning easy & effective. With these few tips, one can give a superb start to their Awesome Robotics journey. So let’s move ahead…with these few tips, you can start your journey in robotics. below are the Top 10 hints & tips for robotics beginners. we hope this will help you and your team to avoid common mistakes.

1.Try to gain more & more knowledge from Basic electronics.
2.Buy some books or start with free PDF, YouTube Videos & Free Resources.
3.Learn the basics of robotics
4. Try to make basic DIY robots from Robotic kits.
5.Try to work regularly on your robots.
6. Read more information about robotics, Learn from mistakes.
7.Ask Questions if u don’t understand anything.
8.Try to find answers to your questions.
9.Be creative try different things
10. Share your experiences with others.

1.Start from electronics

Try to gain more & more knowledge from Basic electronics. This is not a fun part but it’s a very essential part, start with soldering, PCB designing, and small projects. Basics will help you in a long run.


Buy some books or start with free PDF, YouTube Videos & Free resources. Don’t invest money in paid workshops and classes, they will charge more money for these workshops but you will gain very less knowledge. There are several free resources available out there on the internet. number of PDFs, YouTube videos, and even free courses. invest your money in electronics parts, robotics kits, and books.

2.Learn Basics of Robotics.

Now in basics of robotics start from small robots. small robots like line follower, object avoiding robots, DIY robotics projects, basics programming like blinking LED.

4. Try to Make Basics DIY Robots from Robotics kits.

Try to make DIY robots from robotics kits available in the market or buy electronic components instead of robotics kits. If you don’t have any programming experience before then try LEGO. There are tons of websites and books available on the basics of programming.

5.Try to Work Regularly on Your Robots.

Work regularly on your robots, try to work on different ideas. implement your basics and knowledge on projects.

6. Read more information about robotics, Learn from mistakes.

Read more information about robotics, Learn from mistakes. There are only lessons and new learning opportunities. Learn from mistakes and move on, make sure this will not happen again.

7.Ask Questions

Ask Questions if u don’t understand anything. Many times we have several questions in mind. but we don’t ask any of them, questions are not stupid they start a new discussion and give a different direction to learning.

8.Try to Find Answers to Your Questions.

(1) answers will solve your issues
(2) You remember things
(3) Maybe your question can create change or new transformation or it can bring innovation.
(4) Ask the right question rather than focussing on the right answer.

9.Be Creative Try Different Things.

Now you can go creative with your knowledge. try different things, learn from other people, try workshops, training programs.

10.Share your experiences with others.

Now you can share your experience with others. Create articles, create a YouTube Channel post your videos on social media media and help other peoples to learn things from your exercise.

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