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Four years back Jeff Fernandes, Mackbert Fernandes, Meljoe Fernandes, Enrico Cota, Linford Correa,Jeremy Silva and Clinton Furtado engineering students of Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, for their love for robotics and technology form showcase named Team BHP. Team BHP which had started with only a few engineering students, now become a family of 50 engineers students striving hard to achieve our missions.

Team-BHP is a Robotics Goa-based team, consisting of engineering students of PCCE, Verna. Team-Provides students an opportunity to showcase their technical skills by participating in various college events across the nation. Through various workshops and seminars, we help students to develop an overall profile as engineers and by participating in National events, they get a wide range of exposure about their fields.

Team BHP Robotics Logo

Team Name:- BHP Robotics
Hometown:- GOA, India
Team Members:- 50
The Event Played: 20
Bot Rider:- Kael Fernandes
Now the team is headed by Yuvraj Ghorpade along with Royce Rego , Mayuresh Naik & Roshan Naik


“A group without motive is like a car without directions”. The quote above conveys that a car or a vehicle is of no use. if there are no directions or destinations, similarly, there is Team BHP of a group with no aims or motives. So here are some of our main motives and what are doing to achieve them :-

1] To develop a basic understanding of robotics among students and grow their interest in the field of robotics and engineering. 2] To put Goa on the robotics map of India.


1] HADES: Hades strong and fierce 30 kg wedge bot (Warbot) with interchangeable split and full wedges. It operates on Two A28-150G amp flow geared motors designed to give the highest level of performance possible Recently entered Robo wars have already conquered the titles of TechnoVanza 2019 and Saavyaas 2020.

2] CENTAUR: Centaur is a 30kg weapon bot (Robot). Driven by beushed DC motors, it has an active weapon – A vertical spinner powered by the AmpFlow E-series. It bagged first place at CITRONICS 2019 at CDGI Indore.

3] RIPTIDE AND RIPJAW: Riptide and Ripjaw is our newly built split wedge bot. It operates on 2 E-bike motors. It was first played for QUARK 2020 at BITS PILANI GOA.

4] CYBERTRON: The 8Kg bot named Cybertron had participated in TechFest ’19 at IITB. It has an active weapon- A vertical Spinner powered by Prop drive 50-50 580KV Brush-less Outrunner motor.

PCCE (Padre Conceicao College of Engineering) Winners of Techyon 2017 and 2018
BITS Goa Winners of Quark 2018.
• Runners up of Quark 2019
• Participated in Quark 2020
DBCE (Don Bosco College Of Engineering) • Winners of Ignetron 2018
• Semifinalists of Ignetron 2019
GEC (Goa College of Engineering) • Winners of Spectrum 2018
AITD (Agnel Institute of Technology & Design) Semifinalists of Techurja 2019
• Participated in Techurja 2020
RIT (Shree Rayeswar Institute of Engineering & Technology) • Semifinalists of Techtwister 2019
NIT (National Institute of Technology Goa) • Semifinalists of Saavyas 2019
• Winners of Saavyas 2020
MIT, Manipal • Quarterfinalists of Techtatva 2018
VJTI, Mumbai • Participated in Technovanza 2018
• Winners of Technovanza 2019
CDGI, Indore • Winners of Cytronics 2019
VIT, Pune • Semifinalists of Milange 2019
VIT, Vellore • Semifinalists of Gravitas 2019

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