Bishop’s School Kalyani Nagar’s Robotics Team won the first Innovation Challenge 2021

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Bishop’s School Kalyani Nagar’s Robotics Team BSRC won the first Innovation Challenge 2021 Finalist Award!

Team of 17 students from the Bishop’s School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Each year participate in the world’s largest robotics competition, the First Tech Challenge amongst nearly 70,000 other students around the world. This is a Team of enthusiastic students from 8th to 10th grade studying in the Bishop’s Co-Ed School Kalyani Nagar.

The adult mentors for the team are Sumesh Jaiswal (Technical Director, Broadcom) and Shayne McPherson (Principal, Bishop’s Co-Ed School Kalyani Nagar).


The team is happy to share that the Bishop’s School Kalyani Nagar’s Robotics Team (BSRC Mad) About Robots has won the first Innovation Challenge 2021 Finalist Award!! This is a global award given to the top 20 teams out of the thousands of teams worldwide that are competing in this challenge. With this award, we have been invited to the First Global Innovation Awards World Championship scheduled to happen in June 2021 where we will compete among the World’s Top 20 teams.

This Innovation Challenge is not just about designing & building a product but a Start-up Competition that includes developing a business model for it and to present a business pitch to capital investors. Teams that excel on all fronts progress to the Global Innovation Awards. This team of robotics enthusiasts from the Bishop’s School has also won many awards in the past including the First Innovation Challenge 2021 Semi-Finalist Award, the First Tech Challenge 2020 Inspire Award and is ranked number one among all robotics teams from India.

Bishop’s School Kalyani Nagar’s Robotics Team won the first Innovation Challenge 2021

The idea behind Stunner innovation

“Last year, one of our classmates was hospitalized after a mental breakdown. We were all shocked. The doctors told us that she was frantically trying to keep up with academic pressure balancing between board exams, competitive entrance tests, and college admissions,” a team member told to robotics India.

“This motivated us to create stunner, a 3-in-1 solution (learn-play-exercise) to such problems. Stunner is an accessory mounted on the handlebars of your existing exercise bike. Comprising a game controller and a sensor unit, Stunner provides learning in the form of questions while you play video games and exercising as you cycle,” He added.

Our first custom-designed game is Research Racer that you can play as you pedal the bike and control using the game controller. And as you play, stunner captures real-time health data like heart rate that can be viewed in the stunner app. A cooperation leaderboard shows a mash-up of calories-burnt, game-high scores, correct-answers & cooperitition-bonus along with social interaction with other users around the world. Stunner makes the students Smarter, Healthier, and Happier!

Bishop’s School Kalyani Nagar’s Robotics Team won the first Innovation Challenge 2021

Our award-winning submission for the first Global Innovation Awards 2021 is a stunner – an exercise-accessory that has been designed to attach to exercise bikes and motivates students to learn, play and exercise all at the same time. This product encourages students to spend more time doing physical activity while also learning and playing at the same time, leading to a smarter, healthier, and happier life.

Since this innovation has so much potential to become a real-life product, and since it is catering to a totally new business market, we have applied for a patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO patent number 63173650) to protect our innovation.

Information about the FIRST Innovation Challenge 2021

The first Innovation Challenge (presented by Qualcomm) is a start-up competition conducted by the world’s largest and prestigious robotics organization – First. Through this challenge, students explore what it means to be an innovator who progresses a start-up to find solutions to society’s greatest challenges that impact the world for generations to come.

Through the First Game Changers themed challenge, the participating teams do the following:

1. Identify a problem or opportunity to help people (or a community of people) keep, regain, or achieve optimum physical and/or mental health and fitness through active play or movement.
2. Design a solution to seize the opportunity or solve the problem.
3. Actualize their innovation by creating a business model and developing a business pitch. 
4. Advance their skills by using technology in their solution development process and/or design.
5. Winning teams (such as ours) will receive mentorship to make a real. START-UP from industry-leading companies – Apple, Qualcomm, Disney, J&J (the vaccine leader), and PTC.
6. All students are eligible for college scholarships.

Here is a list of All team members.

(1) Advithiya Duddu
(2) Amrita Nair
(3) Anay Chauhan
(4) Arin Swadi
(5) Kuhu Jain
(6) Kumayl Plumber
(7) Neythan McPherson
(8) Preeti Humnabadkar
(9) Prisha Bajpai
(10) Rajveer Parekh
(11) Ronav Jaiswal
(12) Rushil Dubey
(13) Sachi Dhoka
(14) Siddhant Dadhich
(15) Sumaer Parwani
(16) Tvisha Soni
(17) Yash Chaudhary

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