Wind Turbine which Generate Water

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Wind Turbine which Generate Water – VajraKarur ( Electrical Engineering ) student from Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, is also one of the many in the country without access to a continuous supply of electricity or clean drinking water.

Madhu told to Robotics India “I was born and brought up in Vajrakarur village. In my village, the main source of water supply is through water tankers & borewells. The borewell water is impure so that we treated it to become pure and drinkable. In summer the groundwater level drops and we are dependent on purchasing drinking water from tankers. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife, so our income is low. On some occasions, we could not afford to buy the water while at other times we would depend on borrowing from neighbors”.

So, this young innovator came up with a solution. He designed a system behind his house, which produces both electricity and drinking water.

How wind turbines produce water?
The 1.39 m tall wind turbine collects moisture from the atmosphere. This is passed through a copper pipe like used in refrigerators and finally reaches a three-stage filter.

Madhu told to Robotics India “The moisture in the wind is directed into the wind turbine’s frame using a blower placed at the back of the fan. When this cool air goes into the long frame, the moisture is directed into the cooling compressor which condenses the air into water. The water is then passed through copper pipes into a three-stage filter with membrane filters, carbon filters, and UV filters to collect any dust particles present. Finally, the clean water is accessed through a tap placed on the frame then this water is collected in an external tank with 40 liters capacity”.

The inverter with a 30-kilowatt capacity is connected to a wind turbine and Madhu uses this to power fans, lights, and plug-points in his home. also Today, the wind turbine provides him with 80 to 100 liters of water every day.

The wind turbine was developed using plastic pipes, iron rods, and some other material. He started developing the turbine in October 2020 and completed it in 15 days. Local welders also help him for building the fan, and his friends helped him deploy the structure. He spends a total of Rs 1 lakh, which was provided by his parents and from his savings.

What inspires him ?

Madhu told to Robotics India “Building a wind turbine has been Madhu’s dream, In the second year of college, I learned how to make solar power grids, and automatic street lights. This gave me practical knowledge to work with such technology. I’m totally inspired by PM Narendra Modi episodes from “Mann Ki Baat”. In that episode, they mentioned windmills that can generate water and also explained how these wind turbines are deployed in other countries. This inspired me to make one. I also took help from youtube on how to build a system that can generate water and electricity.

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