List of all Indian Humanoid Robots

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List of all Indian Humanoid Robots

Indro Robot:-

Created by Santosh Hulawale, Indro is the tallest humanoid robot build in India using low-cost materials like aluminum, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. it consists of 31 motors and can lift to 2 kg.

Coro-bot: –

Created by Pratik Tirodkar. This robot was created during Covid 19. PM Modi appreciates his work on the Twitter handle of “Mann ki Baat”. Also, his full story was covered in Today’s news, ANI, and many more.

Zafira Robot:-

Created by Propeller Technology, Robot was created during covid 19. Zafira is Artificial Intelligence embedded robot, also can communicate in multiple languages.

Mitra Robot:-

Created by Indro Robotics and launch by Pm Narendra Modi in Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017. The size of the robot is 5 ft tall. 

Vyommitra Robot:-

 A female humanoid robot was created by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for Gaganyan (Unmanned mission). It was unraveled in the Bangalore event.

Rashmi Robot:-

 A female humanoid robot was created by Ranjit Shrivastava (Ranchi, India). She can speak 4 languages like English, Hindi, Bhojpuri, and Marathi. Rashmi was build in two years.

Mitri Robo Receptionist :-

 Created by invento robotics, Bangalore company. It can also clean floors and act as a security guard at night.

Manav robot:-

Manav is India’s first 3D printed robot created in 2014. The creator of this robot is Diwakar Vaish. It is controlled using brain waves. Manav is a 2 kg and 2 ft robot

Kempa robot:-

Build by Bangalore based startup Sirena Technologies. Completely designed and manufactured in India. A robot can communicate in English and the Kannada language.


Created by Hyderabad based startup H-bots. RoboCop is of height 5 ft 7 inch and weight of 43 kg. It can records audio, video, detect metals, and monitor the temperature.

Rada Robot:-

Created by Vistra, Vistra is a joint venture between Tata’s son and Singapore Airlines. Rada robot is an artificial intelligence-based robot created in 2018.

Intelligence Robotic Assistant (IRA):-

In 2017, IRA was developed by Asimov Robotics. And it was launch by HDFC. HDFC is the first bank in India which is using this kind of robot. In IRA there are 4000 questions are programmed through voice-based navigation.

Robot Shalu: –

A female humanoid robot is created by Dinesh Patel (teacher Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Bombay India). A robot can speak multiple languages 39 foreign and 8 Indian languages using Artificial Intelligence.

Ajit 2.0 Robot:-

Created by KLE University, It’s height and weight is 3.28 ft (100 cm) and 15 kg. Ajit 2.0 was the only robot to represent India in a Global Expo 2019 held in South Koria.

IVALA Robot: –

young innovator Irom Roshan Sagolband Moirang Hanuba developed a robot( IVALA ) that can communicate, identify the electronics object, and pick them. It is a voice command and mobile control robot.

Atom 3.7 Robot: –

It is Odisha’s first humanoid robot created by 17 Yr old Neelmadhab Behera ( Santaragadia, Balasore ). He claims that it can be used in entertainment, education, manufacturing, and domestic service.

Eagle 2.0 robot: –

India’s first female robot teacher in Bangalore. It is designed by 17 team members using 3D lightweight material. The height of the eagle is 5.7 ft. She can teach different subjects to the students.

Bharti Robot:-

Created by young engineer Aditya from Bhilai Institute of Technology. He took 45 days to build during covid 19. It is used in hospitals to helps nurses, doctors, and hospitals staffs.

Aura Robot: –

Dokrt Aura created by Katomaran Technology and Business Solutions, Dot world Technologies, and Aries Biomed Pvt Ltd have proposed robots to disinfect spaces with UV rays and provide food and medicines to patients in isolation wards.

List of all Indian Humanoid Robots for more related updates follow robotics India

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