Indian Dentist working on robotics Arm to Solve Amputation

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The story of Vishnu Manohar prosthetic dentist from (Dindigul Tamil Nadu) who is working on the bionic arm design.

Thousands of people lost their hands and arm in road accidents the specific word of this incidence is called amputation. There are more than 1 million annual limb amputations globally -one incidence after every 30 seconds.

In amputation cases, The youngest victim was three years old and the oldest 65. According to the Hindu articles. Victims are dependent on other people after such incidence for their day-to-day routine. This is the major problem and the victim is not able to do something in this case. In major cases, the victim can not affordable synthetic and other bionic hands.

The story of Vishnu Manohar prosthetic dentist from (Dindigul Tamil Nadu) who is working on the bionic arm design. Dr.Vishnu Manohar developed different types of prototypes & models like a fire dragon, Aragog, the giant spider inspires by Harry Potter, the crocodile. this time Manohar wants to create something useful model. A bionic arm made entirely from plastic building blocks, popular simply as Lego, it means making a model that is functional as a physical arm.

Manohar was fascinated by Lego through his childhood and his interest in the building blocks rekindled when he used them to create denture impressions for a patient who had difficulty in opening their mouth fully. His passion has now led him to design a prosthetic arm or robotics arm common to the artificial limbs available in the market. Instead of using the simple mechanism to perform basic functions of arm movement, string and spring is used for the arm movement

Vishnu Manohar said, “ There are long-term difficulties attached to mass production of the Lego arm, one of the primary ones being the practical challenge to collect spare parts in India”.

Manohar points out that while large sums of money will be spent to procure a robotic arm or an arm that has very little function but is visually attractive but this design would be cost-effective. The Lego arm is designed in such a manner that after wearing it, an individual will be able to extend the hand, hold an object, lift it up and extend it again to release the object.

Yet, he is motivated towards working on his design and other modifications, he is now in the process of creating a 3D printed model of the bionic arm. In the next step, Vishnu Manohar is planning to use acrylic material using this material will be an affordable prosthetic arm which not only looks like a hand but can function to grasp objects and improve the life of amputees.’

Having a lifelong interest in Lego, Manohar challenges himself and pushes his creativity into making more complicated models. He also develops an auto-rickshaw, Aragog, spider inspired by Harry Potter, cars, and a Tata lorry One of his creations. fire dragon, which is almost 2 feet, in length. fire dragon can walk, flap its wings, move its head up and down. The arm idea was born out of a similar need. Manohar started thinking about prosthetic arms and to build something complex and efficient.

He said, “Anyone can assemble it just like a Lego set. as it is provided in different pieces in a delivery box”

The same Lego arm was created by a Spanish university student, David Aguilar. He was born without a right forearm, David started building artificial limbs for himself for the first time when he was nine years old.
Over time, he develops a different robotic arm. operates on an electric motor and can bend and grab, the elbow joint enables him to grab and let go of an object. Others like David build arms using Lego for people who have a similar physical disability at cheaper prices.

Manohar explained that there is an increasing need to introduce children to these blocks because according to him, humans are by nature inclined to build and create. He says that developing this type of technical skills it enhancing personal skills, coordination, and the ability to develop different projects and planning see this thing through completion.

“Manohar suggests parents to Invest in robotics stuff instead of buying a mobile phone or tablet for their kids”.

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