Odisha’s NaPSAT to represent India in Nasa’s human exploration Rower Challenge 2021.

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Bhubaneswar Odisha-based team NaPSAT is ready to represent India in NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge.

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This is the first school student team that will participate in NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. Now the students are ready with their human-powered Rover. Team (NaPSAT) Navonmesh Prasar Student Astronomy Was selected by NASA for this challenge

How it was started?

The team was created by Anil Pradhan founder of NaPSAT during this covid situation, ten different students of age 14-19 years.NaPSAT consisting of school students who are involved in building projects like rowers, designing of a space system, satellite, astronomy, and rockets to participated in various competitions and events.
The team selected members have been shortlisted from about 800 willing participates. The group completed their Rover. it is a human-powered rower that will be able to move on the surface of Mars (Mar’s Rower). The team will be flying to Huntsville Alabama in the US to represent India in the international competition in April 2021. The team will soon send their rower to the USA at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for evaluation. Around 100 teams from eight different countries will participate in this competition this year in April 2021.
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Anil Pradhan The founder of the Navonmesh Prasar student astronomy team (NaPSAT) spoke with news agency ANI. “ It was happening for the first time that the school team from India was selected for this challenge. also, NASA sends an invitation to us for joining”.
The other member Unkan Mondal explained the Technical background of mars rowers, he said: “The rower will be capable of move on the mars surface as well as the moon surface, and also it can handle the weight of two-person and it’s a human-powered Rover and it is made from scrab”.
Kailash Chandra Barik said, “My job is to assemble all the parts of the rover and I am also part of the designing & welding process.”
Rover team leader Vaishalini Sharma said,
“Our set target is to complete the rover project by Feb end, and in 1st week of March we are sending our rover to NASA. The work is still in progress.”
For all the expenses team is raising funds.

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