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What is the Robotics India platform all about ?

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What is the Robotics India platform all about?

1. What is the Robotics India Platform all about? What information does it provide about?

The Robotics India platform is a tie-up and a consortium of all the college campus festivals in India. This includes both national and international fests and Robotics competitions and challenges. The Robotics India platform is a one-stop solution for Every Robotics-related challenge and competition and Robotics Internship related Update.

We aim to connect students from campuses all over India by making them aware of Technical Fests, Workshops, Robotics Conferences, and Seminars organized by each college in India. Our mission is to create a robotics ecosystem in India.

Robotics India provides details about the different fests, festivals, robotics competitions, and challenges each month. The Robotics India platform also provides News and Updates related to the latest technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Drones Aeromodelling, robotics Startup related Stories in 100+ different categories, and more…

What is the Robotics India platform all about ?
What is the Robotics India platform all about?

2. How many colleges and fest in India do you cover?

The Robotics India platform has tie-ups with different Colleges, startups,  Robotics clubs, and Innovation Labs across India. The platform has covered multiple event stories in the past 2 years.

3. Please share with us the inspiration and the story behind your start-up.

When we where students of engineering, our team had an opportunity to participate in a robotics event. after we participated for the first time in such an event our team started looking for other college robotics-related events. After an initial survey, Our Team understood it was not only us but other teams are also facing similar problems.

We have also found that the news agencies don’t cover detailed stories about Indian robots and teams which are representing India at the national and international robotics stage. That’s why robotics India was started. Now we can proudly say that we have successfully launched India’s first and leading robotics community website.

4. Are there any other competitors offering similar services?

The Robotics India is the first of its kind and Leading Robotics community platform in India.

5. Any significant features of your start-up we should know?

Robotics India has many significant features Like Infographics and Email and notification updates in multiple Languages. Robotics India provides weekly updates about the fests and challenges. and also organizes online competitions, quizzes, and Opinion polls.

6. How is your start-up doing do so far? What kind of traffic does it see?

The Robotics India is ranked the No.1 website for Robotics Related Events and Updates for the last 3 years in India. Thousands of students visit Robotics India Each month.

7. Could you tell us more about yourself, your position & other key players, if any?

The Robotics Indis is an initiative of Engineering Passout Student for the students.  At the time of its inception, we only have a team of four members. Now Robotics India is recruiting various motivated students and enthusiastic. As of today, Robotics India has 500+ members and Thousands of followers on Social media accounts.

What is the Robotics India platform all about ?
What is the Robotics India platform all about ?

8. How large is the team behind your start-up? Are you all based in India?

Yes, all the team members behind the Robotics India platform are based in India. Different team members from different locations across pan India. Not only that the team also has the support of various students as student partners, robotics Teams, and innovation cells.

9. How is your startup being funded so far?

The Robotics India Platform ( is a self-funded organization.

10. How Robotics India can help a student?

If you are a student looking to attend robotics-related completion, challenges, and technical festivals, you have come to the right place. Surf around and hopefully you would find something relevant and meaningful soon. Not only this but also you can also subscribe to The Robotics India and have fest updates delivered to your email. If you have any queries regarding technical festivals or competitions that you would like to post on Robotics India you can contact us on our social handles or contact us form on the website.

11. How Robotics India can help an event organizer or fest coordinator?

If you are looking to bring the crowd to your campus festival/tech fest/event, Robotics India can help you connect with different teams all across India.

12. How The Robotics India can help an advertiser (training/workshop/merchandise)

If you are looking to advertise a product whose consumers are visitors to, please send a mail to

Help us grow our Positive Movement

We at The Robotics India want to create a Robotics ecosystem in India. By using the power of an effective Platform for enthusiasts, we want to change India. If you read us, like us, and want this positive movement to grow, then do consider supporting us by following us on social media.

What is the Robotics India platform all about ? for similar Robotics-related news and updates follow The Robotics India. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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