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Kurukshetra fest Anna University 2023

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Kurukshetra fest Anna University 2023

Kurukshetra, the international techno-management fest organized by the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), Anna University, is gearing up for its 17th edition from 18th to 21st April. This year’s edition promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with an exciting line-up of 35+ events, 10+ workshops, guest lectures, project competitions, and K!arnivals, all designed to provide an immersive experience for participants and showcase their skills and talents.

One of the highlights of Kurukshetra’23 are the Robotic Events, which are considered the jewels in the crown of the fest. Robotics enthusiasts can look forward to a thrilling adrenaline rush as they compete in various events such as Robowars, Drone Racing, Rowboatics, Hovercraft, and Pacbot. The Robowars event, in particular, is expected to be a major attraction, with robots weighing up to 15kg and 8kg battling it out for supremacy in an electrifying showdown. The Drone Racing event is also anticipated to be a crowd favorite, with participants showcasing their piloting skills as they navigate their drones through a challenging obstacle course.

The signature event of Kurukshetra, Godspeed, is a high-octane RC car race that promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Participants will showcase their engineering prowess as they compete in an intense race to the finish line, maneuvering their remote-controlled cars with precision and speed. Another exciting event for engineering enthusiasts is Aeromodelling, where participants will showcase their skills in designing and building model aircraft that can soar through the skies with finesse and grace.


The hackathon is another major highlight of Kurukshetra’23, providing a platform for problem solvers to come together and brainstorm innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their technical skills, creativity, and teamwork to develop cutting-edge solutions that can make a positive impact in various domains. The hackathon is a perfect opportunity for students to gain practical experience, learn from experts in the field, and demonstrate their problem-solving abilities.

For those with a keen interest in general knowledge and trivia, the Open Quiz hosted by renowned quizzer Major Chandrakant Nair is not to be missed. Participants can put their knowledge to the test as they compete with fellow trivia enthusiasts in an intellectually stimulating battle of wits. The quiz promises to be engaging, challenging, and a lot of fun, with exciting prizes up for grabs.

Apart from the competitions and events, Kurukshetra’23 also offers a platform for participants to learn from experts through workshops and guest lectures. The workshops cover a wide range of topics, including robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, and many more. Renowned experts from industry and academia will share their insights, knowledge, and experiences, providing participants with valuable learning opportunities and exposure to the latest advancements in technology and management.

Kurukshetra known for 

Kurukshetra has always been known for its vibrant and dynamic K!arnivals, which are a perfect blend of entertainment and technology. Participants can expect a carnival-like atmosphere with a variety of activities, games, and performances that are sure to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the fest. The K!arnivals provide a platform for participants to unwind, relax, and interact with fellow participants in a fun and informal setting, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and friendship.

One of the hallmarks of Kurukshetra is its commitment to fostering innovation and creativity among participants. The fest provides a platform for participants to showcase their innovative projects and prototypes, giving them an opportunity to gain recognition and appreciation for their work. 

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