MindSpark22 techfest of COEP Pune

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MindSpark22 techfest of COEP Pune

About MindSpark

MindSpark is the annual, national-level technical festival of the College of Engineering at Pune Technological University. Over a span of 15 years, MindSpark has grown to become one of the biggest technical college fests in the country. Since its inception in 2007, MindSpark has grown manifold to become one of the best platforms for young minds to think, innovate and showcase their talents.

MindSpark receives a footfall of more than 20,000 every year. The Keynote Lecture Series is one of the most coveted features of MindSpark, where several prominent personalities from different disciplines deliver eloquent lectures.

At MindSpark, They believe that the youth has certain responsibilities towards the society, and aim to fulfill those through our social initiative, Paakhi. With the new edition of MindSpark, They aspire to broaden our horizons and vitalize plenteous inventive brains framing the future.


Being a completely student-organized festival, MindSpark believes in practical learning. In its 16th edition, they have numerous events, both technical and non-technical, divided over 11 modules. MindSpark22 aim to spread state of art technology across all demographics, which they accomplish by conducting various workshops across the country.

The Fest is organized completely by students and comprises Keynote Lectures, Technical exhibitions, and many technical as well as non-technical events. The festival hopes to provide a platform for the greater public to discover a world of innovation and creative thinking.

“We invite you to share our vision and be a part of the legacy that carries forward technical excellence” team MindSpark22 

Robo-Royale Theme – Reaching the heights

In the determination of reaching new heights, many countries are trying to develop their own Rocket technology. Our former president and world-renowned scientist, the late Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, has made a huge contribution to rocket science.

MindSpark22 techfest of COEP Pune
MindSpark22 techfest of COEP Pune

Dr. Kalam was the project director of India’s first-ever rocket, named “Satellite Launch Vehicle-III”, which was successful in its very first attempt. By exchanging information and expertise among themselves and learning from one another, scientists from other nations contribute to the advancement of technology. So, in honor of Dr. A.P.J. Kalam Sir, and in gratitude to the scientific community, we are going to build our own rocket and launch it into space.

Registrations for the upcoming events are open. Students can read through the event structure and register at http://www.mind-spark.org/

  1. Robo-royale: Build your own rocket and launch it into space
  2. Robowars: In this mortal combat, crush your opponents and be the last bot standing
  3. Search N’ Destroy: A line-following and maze-solving competition
  4. Robo Races: Manufacture, test, and race your remote-controlled 24-wheeled robot
  5. Virtual Robotics: Showcase your MATLAB, Python, Simulink, Simscape, and Ansys skills
  6. Bot Wrestling: Push your robot opponent out of the arena
  7. Robo Falconry: Timed obstacle drones/UAV race 

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