India’s first Solar tree created by a scientist

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India’s first Solar tree created by Dr. SN Maity chief scientist CSIR – CMERI, Durgapur West Bengal

In a conventional Solar power plant, we require a large number of land to generate power. Solar Power Tree addresses the biggest hurdle of land requirements to gainfully utilize solar power.

This is India’s first solar tree and the height of this tree is 25 to 30 feet one tree can be given up to five K.W power. The next target of SN Maity is seven K.W. Means one tree can provide Seven K.W power after Upgradation. Now they have arranged the solar p.v panels are vertically arranged, so that area will be covered only four square feet after the installation of the tree. the conventional solar power plant needs 5 acres of land to provide 1 MW, may need only require half land 2.5 acres of land to produce 1 MW that’s mean the footprint is very less 1.5 feet ×1.5 feet like that or 2 ft × 2 ft. So the rest of the land can be used as paddy land or you can do gardening or animal husbandry. the land character is not the same but the trees will be placed at cultivable land this idea can further be placed alongside roads, rivers & canals.

What is the difference between the cost of solar trees and regular solar installation?

Dr. SN may say “There is no much difference in the installation cost between the conventional structure and this tree but here my structure altogether cost five present more”

Why is it costlier?

Dr.Maity said, “Because I use steel to create the tree structure, which is costlier than the conventional structure on the ground, but if you consider the land being saved it is economical”.

Is the power cheaper generated from solar power tree?

Dr.Sn may Say “Not cheaper, it will come around the same at Rs six per unit but we are keeping the land as it is that is the difference”

Advantages of the solar tree?

Dr.SN Maity said “Conventional solar PV panels are at ground level & the tree is at a higher level so we getting more 10 present more power because we are getting more sun both morning & evening by one to two hours the other thing is that I have given a cleaning arrangement a sprinkler about the tree is a triangular system so one can run this sprinkler and all the panels get cleaned automatically every day the whole tree will be rotated instead of keeping north & south my panels will be inclined towards east and in the morning up to 12.30 pm then after 12.30 pm it will towards the west so that it gets better sunlight during the whole day”

Features of solar tree

● It takes much less land of only 4 sq ft for a 5 kW Solar Power Tree as compared to 400 sq ft of land required in the case of the conventional Solar Photovoltaic layout.

● It holds the panels at a higher height – thus gets more sun (by 1 hour) in a day in comparison to that in the conventional layout on the ground; Thus, it is possible to harness 10-15% more power.

● It is facilitated with a water sprinkler at the top for self-cleaning of panels;

The paddy lands or agro-gardens or roads can be utilized for the production of green power keeping landscape/cultivation unaltered.

● Applicable for both rural and urban areas.

 The Specifications for 5 KW Solar Power TREE are:

Peak Power: 5KW;

Full Load Capacity: 60% of the Peak;

Battery Back-Up: 2 hrs. (Full load);

Cost: INR 5 Lakh;

Footprint: 4 sq. ft.;

Arial Span: 25 ft. Dia,

Warranty: Panel: 25 Years

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