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Top 40 Robotics Startups companies in India.

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This is the list of all the robotics startups which are building next level robots in India.

  • Ark Robotics: –

It is a Bengaluru-based warehouse automation startup that has won QPrize Make in India contest. It was founded by Rajesh Manpat in 2008. With Ark robot, Rajesh wishes to solve complex problems of automation through their robotics technology in the field of e-commerce and other industries. They have an in-house team of engineers with core competencies in Software, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering who are research driven and problem solvers.

  • Asimov Robotics: –

Kerala based ASIMOV Robotics, started by Jayakrishnan T, is a one-stop solution for industry robotics and automation needs. They provide engineering products solutions and consultancy in the areas like robotic simulation and control, machine-vision, training, virtual reality, and navigation applications.

  • Axiom Research lab. : –

The team that won the Google Lunar programme i.e. Team Indus is the one which created the firm named Axiom Research Lab. The company’s foundation was laid down by Rahul Narayan. It has emerged as India’s very own and first private aerospace company aiming to land robots on the moon.

  • Bionic Yantra : –

Bionic Yantra is a medical robotics company developing an exoskeleton for mobility and rehabilitation of the disabled. The exoskeleton is in the form of a wearable suit featuring multiple motors, drives & mechanisms which are programmed to provide calibrated assistance for limb movement as required for locomotion.

  • Cynlr : –

Cynlr develops vision solutions for industrial robotics. Its offering is a visual intelligence platform. Claims that its technology differentiator is accurately picking and placing complex geometry objects, even when presented in a random bin with occlusions and entanglement.

  • Dot World Technology: –

Dot World Technologies is a quality driven organization offering a wide range of Industrial robots, industrial automation system, industrial robot arm . Established in 2017, the firm supplies Industrial robots, industrial automation system, industrial robot arm within preset time limit.

  • DiFACTO Robotics and Automation: –

DiFACTO serves a wide range of industries from automative to food-beverages to health and electronics. Mr. Richard H. Johnson is the President and COO of DiFACTO Robotics America, LLC. They design, develop and implement new automation system solutions for customers around the world.

  • Falcon Autotech : –

It is another warehouse automation startup marked by its ‘A’ grade services and trustworthiness and thus has a great client base. It aims to revolutionize online weighing industry by its one step solution. It was founded by Vineet Baid. If you are looking for automatic weighing systems, check weighing systems, in motion weighing solutions, dynamic weighing machines, Falcon is indeed the one stop solution.

  • Fanuk Corporation: –

FANUC CORPORATION, Japan is a pioneer in CNC technology since 1956. In today’s manufacturing amongst the most reliable and dependable brands on any shop-floor. This has resulted in our achieving a dominant share in the demanding CNC and ROBOT markets. It also produced software, controls, and vision products that aid in the development of robotic systems.

  • Gade Autonomous system : –

It wants to be bring about a revolution with its robots such that the robots can communicate with humans and their surroundings. Advertron developed by the startup is an interactive help kiosk and guide. It is a story telling robot that can interact with humans using gesture controls. It is a Bangalore based startup, foundation of which was laid by Sasi Gade.

  • Gen robotics: –

Genrobotics, the leading Robotics company in India, primarily focusing on designing and development of Robotic solutions to address the most relevant social issues, headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala. The Company was founded in 2015.

  • Green Robot Machinery : –

Grobomac as it is known is founded by Manohar Sambandam which makes robots for farm mechanism in order to reduce dependency on humans for picking cotton pads which compensates not only for human’s efforts but also his speed.

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