A multifunctional robot created by a school student

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Rudra Narayan Samal ( 10th student of DAV School) has created an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine and a Service Robo to cope with the Covid -19 during the lockdown. Unlike other children of his age, ‘I saved the pocket money given by my parents for purchasing equipment used in the manufacturing of this project, which is now completely reliable and affordable,’ he said.

The youngster’s father Sukant Samal, who works as a technician in IFCCO, said Rudra got the idea of developing the robot. He had earlier demonstrated a similar device at his school which can answer questions. Principle DAV school, IFFCO Balaram Mohapatra said the device Rudra developed is the second device with the help of his science teachers. He said that creating such kind of Robo within a reasonable & fair amount was a tough challenge for him, in doing so his parents helped him a lot to make it possible.

What are the features of Rudra’s Service Robot.?

 He states that the Service Robo can be easily operated from a 500m range, which makes it very useful for sustaining social distance between citizens particularly in public places like Hospitals, Schools, Shopping malls, etc. This robot can be used to transfer goods from one place to another as well. It also has the ability to provide general services such as Audio-video Conferencing, Floor cleaning, Medical Tray Carrier & so on.

Rudra further said that he’s now looking for more upgrades in his project with today’s Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Humonoid  Technologies to achieve the next level of Robotics, that too with an affordable & reliable way.

How did he began his journey from Robotics.?

Rudra states that,”He started the program learning from YouTube by 8th class itself. When he was in 9th standard, he built his first robot mainly by using household stuffs which proved helpful in performing household chores for his mother & could be controlled by a remote or a smartphone, now he was planning for a robot with the latest design & programming & eventually he came forward with an operational Service Robo successfully.”

What are you planning to do after this massive success.?

“Now I’m in 10th Standard, I believe that Coding plays a very prominent role in designing a robot, actually not only coding but AI, IoT, Robotics are my areas of interest, so I will definitely go for Computer engineering after 12th, ” Rudra said.

What will be your upcoming areas of interest ? Are you planning to work on  social issues by your projects ?

“ I always want to work for Women’s Safety & Empowerment & all of us are very well aware about the Rape cases happening these days, so I’m planning for a project which will provide a quick alert  to the local police with the GPS Location in case any women stuck in such situation.”Rudra said in his interview with REINVENTOR TALK (YouTube). This youngster (Rudra) is not willing to rest on his laurels. He has decided to develop a robot that can help the differently-abled and farmers as well.

Such effective steps of our youngsters will surely lead this country towards a Competent & Developed Nation. We always appreciate such initiative of youngsters & committed to bringing these successful faces before the nation.

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