Drain-Cleaning Robots Will help Tiruchy Sewage Workers

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Drain-Cleaning Robot Will help Tiruchy Sewage Workers

The Tiruchy City corporation is set to blaze a new trail by adopting robotic technology to assist in the completion of the underground drainage (UGD) system works across the city.

If all goes well, the technology would be adopted this month itself to identify blockages occurring in the network. The UGD works are expected to be completed in two months.

Though diaphragm chambers have been put in place in most of the city buildings, officials remain wary of the UGD network getting clogged with non-biodegradable waste, pushing them to mull robotic technology in aiding Corporation Commissioner R Vaithinathan said, “A company is willing to sell robots to the corporation.

Drain-Cleaning Robot Will help Tiruchy Sewage Workers
Drain-Cleaning Robot Will help Tiruchy Sewage Workers

However, we have requested the company to deploy a team to overlook the process and spot blockages. They would be paid for their service.” A senior official said, “If conceived, we will be the only local body in the state to make use of such a technology in monitoring UGD works.

Robotic assistance is preferred over surveillance cameras since we do not have to keep worrying about constant upgrades to it.” Apart from this, robotic technology would put an end to manual scavenging, officials said. “The existing machines to clear blockages in the UGD line consumes time, with some of the work dragging on to over two days. Robotic technology would make the work easier,” a corporation engineer said.

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