FIRST Global Challenge 2021

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FIRST Global Challenge 2021. We are 11 STEM fanatics aged 13 – 17 from diverse backgrounds, age groups, and cities all over India – each armed with a unique spectrum of experience and skill – marching under a common vision to innovate, inspire and impact lives. We are the team representing the youth of India at the prestigious FIRST Global Challenge 2021, set out to innovate and channel our combined energy, skill, and enthusiasm into devising a practical solution to recover from the setback of the COVID-19 pandemic.

FIRST Global is a US based competition founded by Dean Kamen that helps nurture cross-cultural communication and cooperation among students through STEM that helps empower us to collectively tackle the world’s most pressing challenges and come up with solutions that improve quality life for all. India has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we as a team have worked together to tackle the economic crisis faced in India during this pandemic. We devised a practical yet feasible solution to help the supply chains of India.

Our solution – Advanced Supply Chain & Economic Technologies Integrative Complex (ASCETIC) is a full-scale end-to-end supply chain management system operating at every level of a pharmaceutical supply chain, though applicable to other industries & nations as well. The software uses 4 interconnected systems to reduce stage by stage systemic inefficiency & end-to-end complexity through Supplier Market Systems, Non-Linear Communication System, Forecasting System & Inventory Management System by cross-applications of Machine Learning, Parametrization, Contour Plotting, Database Management, Filtering & Optimization algorithms coupled with various STEAM concepts.

Along with this, we are also taking part in a CubeSAT Challenge where we help solve the problem of our community by recording that data from the CubeSAT made and launched by us.

The most exciting part of this competition is the Robotics Challenge! We are given a REV Robotic Kit of parts. We use the components provided in the kit to create solutions to four individual build tasks. Instead of assembling a single robot, we will complete these four build tasks, which represent major components often found on robots.

We are the team representing the changemakers and future tech pioneers of India and we see it as our mission to inspire many others to rise to the challenge by setting personal examples. Each day we work together ONLINE and refuse to surrender to the off-putting effects of the pandemic. WE ARE TEAM INDIA!

TEAM INDIA Members –

1) Adhish Chakravorty
2) Aarav Parikh
3) Ayaan Bhatt
4) Arnav Shah
5) Juned Khan
6) Kumayl Plumber
7) Nisarg Banda
8) Parth Bhawsar
9) Samarth Vora
10) Tvisha Soni
11) Yash Chaudhary

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