Charlie Indian humanoid Robot

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5 feet tall 3d printed robot created by Mechatronics students from GCET ( G.H. Patel college of engineering & technology )

Mohit Panjabi and his three friends from Nadiad Dist. Kheda, Gujrat build 3d printed life-size robot named Charlie The Human Sized Humanoid Robot is a multitasking machine accommodating several functions. It is embedded with algorithms like face and mood detection, task monitoring, and the capability to interact as well as cater to proper guidance.

The fundamental application for fabricating this robot is to let him pragmatically work at various institutes such as Hospital, where it can be employed at reception, guide and talk with people, also he can move in the corridor for giving medicines to patients the charlie robot consists of printed parts which take 520 hour painting time. It seems that they started before Oct 2019 It took around 8 months to print, design, and assemble all parts at was completed in 2020 they spent around 40k as well as purchased a 3d printer for making the parts the project was funded by SSIP/Gujarat government. the 80% files of the project are inmoov for the upper body of the robot and some of the parts are designed by this team in college.

Mohit Panjabi told robotics India”Our main focus was to work on AI and software hence we didn’t waste time on hardware and designing of entire robot. Hence the software part and the programming are everything different from inmoov. We only purchased the required motors and controllers”

Mohit Panjabi told robotics India “Charlie has several algorithms like face detection, human interaction as well as obey orders of his master. building him was not a cakewalk for us as it required a great effort. We believe that there are no secrets to success. it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. we wholeheartedly thank everyone, who helped and motivated us for the project”.

The output of the camera can be connected with the servo motors fitted in the face. They will track the humans

Robot Specification:

  1. Height is around 170 cm.
  2. Weight is 24 Kg.
  3. 20 servo motors are used.
  4. 4 High torque Dc motor.
  5. OpenMV camera that cost around 7 k.

Team behind Charlie:-

  1. Karan Patel : AI and Machine Learning
  2. Heet Dalwadi : Assembly and market survey
  3. Parth Patel : Designing.
  4. Mohit Panjabi : Programming.

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