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13 Teams to Compete in ABU Robocon 2022

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13 teams to compete in ABU Robocon 2022

Thirteen teams from across Asia will compete in ABU Robocon 2022, the ABU’s popular annual robot contest among college teams.The final on 21 August will be hosted in New Delhi by India’s public TV broadcaster Doordarshan and will take place online.

Teams from Cambodia, China, Egypt, Fiji, Hong Kong-China, India (two teams as host), Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal and Thailand will take part.

ABU Robocon 2022 Delhi
ABU Robocon 2022 Delhi

This year the contest will be based on Lagori, an ancient game originating in southern India. Two teams compete, the Seeker and the Hitter. After the Seeker has built a stone tower, the Hitter throws balls to knock it down and then throws balls at the Seeker players to prevent them rebuilding it. Each game consists of two rounds, with the two teams reversing roles in the second. Each team must therefore build two robots.

Robocon 2023

Last year saw a team from Indonesia, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, take the title. Shandong Radio and TV hosted Robocon 2021, supported by the National Radio and Television Administration of China. Robocon 2023 will be hosted by National Television of Cambodia (TVK) in August 2023. The organisers hope to make it a physical contest, as it was before the global pandemic.

13 Teams to Compete in ABU Robocon 2022
13 Teams to Compete in ABU Robocon 2022

All 13 teams confirmed for ABU Robocon 2022 final

All 13 teams have been confirmed for the final of the ABU’s student robot contest, ABU Robocon 2022, after winning their national or regional contests.

The final will take place on 21 August, hosted by Doordarshan in New Delhi. The teams will take part online through Zoom.DDI is planning to live broadcast the contest on their sports channel and live stream on YouTube so that all Robocon fans around the world can enjoy the exciting ABU Robocon 2022.

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SR.NoCountryRepresentative team
01Cambodia 🇰🇭Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology
02China 🇨🇳University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
03Egypt 🇪🇬Alexandria University
04Fiji 🇫🇯 University of the South Pacific
05Hong Kong 🇭🇰The Chinese University of Hong Kong
06India 🇮🇳Institute of Technology, Nirma University
07India 🇮🇳Government College of Engineering and Research, Avasari Khurd, Pune
08Indonesia 🇮🇩Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
09Japan 🇯🇵Toyohashi University of Technology
10Malaysia 🇲🇾Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
11Mongolia 🇲🇳Mongolian University of Science and Technology
12Nepal 🇳🇵Tribhuvan University, IOE
13Thailand 🇹🇭Nakhonnayok Technical College

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