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Top 10 Made in India Humanoid Robots 2022

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Top 10 Made in India Humanoid Robots 2022. Robotics India Team brings you the list of the top made in India humanoid robots in 2022.

Shalu Robot

Robot Shalu is a homemade, artificially intelligent, multilingual, social, and educational humanoid robot, created using of waste materials. Shalu can speak 47 languages and it was developed by Dinesh Kunwar Patel, a Kendriya Vidyalaya, Computer Science teacher from Mumbai, India. 

AcYut Robot

AcYut, known to be India’s first indigenous robot, was developed by undergraduate students at the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, India. The project had quite a few sponsors, most notably Govt. of India (DEITY) & BITSAA. At numerous international venues, such as RoboCup, RoboGames, CMU, Stanford, etc., AcYut has represented India. AcYut is also consistently the sole team representing India in the highly technological Humanoid Teen Sized Soccer Leagues at Robocup, where robots compete in autonomous soccer matches.

Manav Robot

Manav, India’s first 3D-printed humanoid robot, was first unveiled at IIT Mumbai Tech Fest. About two feet tall, the robot can perform tasks such as walking, talking & dancing by listening to voice commands.

It was built with open-source code so that it can be trained in real-time to learn & respond, similar to a human child. The machinery in it allowed two degrees of freedom in the head & neck—which means that the robot could move its head up & down, & sideways. Additionally, the robotic system had Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, & a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in it.

Manav was made available to many engineering & research institutes teaching robotics as a subject, as the maker believed it was meant mainly for research purposes.

Top 10 Made in India Humanoid Robots 2022
Top 10 Made in India Humanoid Robots 2022

Mitra Robot

Mitra, a customer-service robot, was developed by Bangalore-based Invento Robotics. It is famously known for greeting Ivanka Trump & Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the GES 2017 summit, & declaring the event open.

The robot rose to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic, where it was deployed in hospitals as a point of contact between patients & their loved ones. Patients could connect with them through a screen attached to their chest. Like an assistant to nurses & doctors, Mitra is capable of taking their readings & vitals, & giving timely reminders to patients to take their medication.

RADA Robot

Built on a four-wheel chassis with 360-degree rotation, RADA is a customer-assistance robot for Vistara Airlines, deployed at the Indira Gandhi International airport, Delhi. The robot was designed to serve Vistara’s customers by responding to their queries, & providing several entertainment options like games, songs, & videos.

Additionally, RADA is also capable of greeting the flyers, scanning their boarding passes, & providing necessary details such as the terminal, departure gates, & weather conditions of the destination city, among other flight-related information.

RoboCop Robot

RoboCop is a Sub Inspector (SI)-ranked robot, stationed at the Kerala police headquarters, in Thiruvananthapuram. The robot was tasked with managing the front office at the headquarters.

The visitors could directly interact with the KP-robot, and receive directions on where they need to head, as & when necessary. RoboCop was also able to perform certain additional features such as fixing meetings, issuing identity cards, or opening new files based on the concerns of the public. Thus, it was equipped with recording the details of the visitors & their respective clients.


INDRO is the tallest humanoid robot made in India. Created by Santosh Hulawale, it was built with low-cost materials inside a house, & can be used for household chores, entertainment & education-related activities. The robot can carry up to 150 kg of payload on the platform placed below its knees. It is also capable of lifting up to 2 kilos of weight with its hands & can perform all ‘human-like’ actions. INDRO is open source, allowing its users to program the bot according to their requirements.

The latest installment of the robot—6 feet in height—is developed on the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning platform, & has the ability to perform multiple tasks with high precision & speed. It also is equipped with face recognition software, which enables it to recognize people it has interacted with earlier.


KEMPA, also a customer-assistance robot, was built by Bangalore-based Sirena Technologies. The bot, which was deployed at the Kempegowda International Airport, would help passengers with their flight-related queries, like providing information about flights, check-in details, scanning luggage, & handing out boarding passes.

KEMPA was also capable of sharing information about Bangalore—its culture & heritage, & suggesting some tourist places to visit in Bangalore. Or, the bot could also simply entertain you with a conversation.

IRA Robot

IRA, launched by HDFC Bank Ltd, was placed near the welcome desk at a branch in Mumbai. The first phase of the project involved the robot greeting customers entering the bank, & showing them a list of the services offered by the bank. Customers could select an option & the robot would guide them to the relevant counters in the branch.

However, HDFC Bank Ltd. also came up with the second installment of the robot shortly after. IRA 2.0, which was launched in Bangalore, not only guides customers through the branch, but also interacts with them, & answers certain bank-related queries, & frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Rashmi Robot

Rashmi is an Indian life-like realistic female lip-syncing humanoid robot which can speak four languages including Hindi and English. The most interesting thing in Rashmi Robot is it’s emotional interpretation system through which it has her own emotions, can detect emotions and respond accordingly

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