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Team Vijayanta Win Award At World Robot Summit 2021 For Their Search And Rescue Robot.

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Amrita University’s Team Vijayanta Win Award At World Robot Summit 2021 For Their Search And Rescue Robot.

Vijayanta, a team of department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University), Amritapuri, has won the Best-in-Class Dexterity Award under the Standard Disaster Robotics Challenge of Disaster Robotics Category held as part of World Robot Summit (WRS 2021), Tokyo, Japan for their innovative search and rescue robot. The award-winning robot, Paripreksya, was developed with the help of the team from Humanitarian Technology (HuT), an engineering research lab of the university under guidance of Dr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Director, HuT Labs.

Team Vijayanta | Paripreksya
Team Vijayanta | Paripreksya | WRS2020 | Amrita University | India

The initial rounds of the competition attracted the participation of nearly 120 teams from all over the world. However, from India only two teams were selected for the finals, and both were from Amrita University. In the finals that attracted the participation of top 10 teams, Vijayanta emerged as the winner in its category. The summit was initially supposed to be held in Jul-Aug 2020, however, due to pandemic, it got postponed to 2021 and teams participated remotely.

Paripreksya is designed to speed up search and rescue operations at the disaster zones that are inaccessible or not safe for human rescue teams to venture. The robot can increase the situation awareness of relief workers by providing them views of the disaster zones, thanks to its supreme disaster area mapping and maneuvering abilities. The robot can move on uneven and harsh surfaces. Paripreksya’s advanced sensors help it to carry out damage assessment operations accurately. The robot also has the capability of rescue and transport victims from the disaster site to safer zones.

Commenting about the winning the award, Dr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Director, HuT Labs, said, “We are very proud of our team at HuT Labs who have come up with a life-saving innovation and demonstrated their ability to design and develop robotics of international standard. We believe that students should be encouraged to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems. The modularity, mobility, and robustness of the robot have won them this prestigious award at an international forum. We wish our students all the best with their future endeavors of innovation.”

Every year hundreds and thousands of lives are lost during natural and manmade calamities such as earthquakes, mine accidents, and nuclear disasters. At least one-third of the lives lost can be saved by deploying robots for swift search and response rescue operations, as robots can enter harsh and dangerous environments to provide on-time communication, and medication for survivors. They can also help contain further damages.

About Paripreksya 3.0

Paripreksya 3.0 is a tele-operated UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) developed at HuT Labs.It is a light weight robot capable of doing complex maneuvering, mobility and dexterity tasks. The robot typically consists of a mobile base and a manipulator. The mobile base is responsible for the maneuvering and mobile ability of the robot while the manipulator can reach difficult places where humans cannot reach.A lot of sensors and cameras are placed on the robot so that they aid in the rescue process of disaster affected areas.

The sensors placed include CO2 sensor, IMU, cameras, LiDAR etc.All these sensors and cameras help the operator to identify victims and to gather information on the surroundings.Kinect and LiDAR sensor help in mapping the environment in which the robot glides and to mark the location of  detected victims the map.Paripreksya 3.0 was taken to participate in ROBOCUP GERMAN OPEN 2019 held at Magdeburg, Germany under the Standard Disaster League Category in May 2019. Team Scorpion is the only team to have participated from India.

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