Techkriti 23 IIT Kanpur’s annual fest

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Techkriti 23 IIT Kanpur’s annual fest 

Summary Techkriti, Asia’s largest technical and entrepreneurial festival organised by IIT Kanpur, marks a symbol of creation or innovation in technology The four days of the festival attracts a footfall of over 60,000 from around 1500 prestigious colleges all over the world.

Techkriti, Asia’s largest technical and entrepreneurial festival organised by IIT Kanpur, marks a symbol of creation or innovation in technology. Many interesting workshops, fascinating shows, enthralling talks, informal events, intriguing exhibitions, and exciting competitions together construct the face of technological innovation. The four days of the festival attracts a footfall of over 60,000 from around 1500 prestigious colleges all over the world. The dates for Techkriti’23 are scheduled for 23 March through 26 March 2023, and it looks forward to many more years of technological advancement.

A variety of competitions with a combined reward pool of more than 45 Lakhs are organised by Techkriti. The competitions lay the foundation for Techkriti’s core mission, which is to foster student enthusiasm and innovation in technology. Model United Nations, Robogames, ECDC, Take Off, Fintech, Software Corner, Mixed Bowl, Design, Technovation, Entrepreneurial, and Business Events are just a few of the general categories that competitions fall under. Students have a great opportunity to participate, display their talents, and pique their creative and innovative appetites through the platform that Techkriti provides.

Techkriti 23 IIT Kanpur's annual fest
Techkriti 23 IIT Kanpur’s annual fest

The workshops organised by Techkriti are designed to demonstrate the advancements in science and technology to future engineers. They enhance the core skills required in the technology industry. Some of the workshops hosted by Techkriti are App Integration, Cloud Computing, Ethical Hacking, Internet of Things (IoT), Android App Development, Robotics, Machine Learning, Data Analytics,Python programming.

Techkriti, in its past 28 years, witnessed various prominent personalities who showed the proper direction to many scientific minds by offering mind-stimulating talks and motivational speeches. Techkriti’23 is proud to welcome speakers like Mylswamy Annudurai (Moon man of India), Rajgopala Chidambaram (Former Principal Scientific Advisor of Government of India, coordinated test preparation for the Pokhran-I and Pokhran-II), Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa (Ex-Chief of Air Staff IAF), Jeffrey Archer (World’s Best-Selling Author), Premlata Agrawal (First Indian woman to scale the seven summit), and many more. The words of such experienced people will help to nurture future technology endeavours.

The exhibitions organised by Techkriti focus on presenting fascinating things before the Audience. Their prime objective is to shape futuristic innovation ideas and thinking. Some of the past exhibitions at Techkriti include Eth Zurich (an autonomous Soccer playing robot), Nino (first Indian humanoid robot), Remidi (world’s first wearable device to record, play and perform), Hyperloop (a cool transportation system), OTO (a controller come musical instrument of Germany), Indro (the tallest humanoid robot), Holus (world’s first interactive tabletop holographic display), LIGO (gravitational waves in action) Puzzlebox Orbit (a brain-controlled helicopter of USA), vintage car exhibitions including Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Singer, Morris Cowley, and Austin Saloon, Facebots (robots which use Facebook account information to converse with friends), etc.

Besides workshops, talks, and exhibitions, the fest conducts incredible shows and performances as well. In the past few years, Techkriti witnessed incredible performances with DJ nights by Willy William, Zephyrtone and DJ Morgan, stand up comedies by Zakir Khan and Biswa Kalyan Rath, engaging concerts by Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher, Nucleya and Piyush Mishra, breathtaking performances by Farhan Akhtar, Beltek and NDS & Blues, Finnish rock band and many more. There were also other fascinating shows including Edge Ryderz (motorbike stunt show), informal session by TVF Pitchers team, 3D projection mapping show, fireworks and laser shows, magic show, drone show, air show by Akash Ganga team of Indian Air Force and more. The shows and performances truly exponentiate the fascination among the people.

Techkriti’23 IIT Kanpur’s annual fest 

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