Tata Steel started using Robotics automation system for Wagon Tippler operation.

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Tata Steel started using a Robotics automation system for the Wagon Tippler operation. automation system for Wagon Tippler operation in steel factory located in Jajpur District of Odisha has introduced a new Robotics system for its Wagon Tippler operation.

The tippling operations at the Raw material Handling System of the steel factory involve critical activities like decoupling, coupling, rotation, and CBC alignment of wagon through manual intervention at inhaul & outhaul side.

After a Wagon tippling operation on the Tippler table, the empty wagons are to be pair with empty wagons in the external area. For successful coupling of both Wagons, the couplers alignment is mandatory which is now being done manually by a person under high-risk potential. So, the system is implemented to abolish the man-machine interface while handling Railway wagons after a tippling operation during each cycle, a new system of ‘Robotics Operation’ has been introduced for Wagon Tippler.

There is no doughnut now this robotics automation system will reduce the risk factor & now works don’t need to enter in the process of tippling operation during each cycle of wagon tippler.

Mr. Narendran, CEO & MD, Tata Steel Limited inaugurated the new system on 21st July 2021. Under the new system of operation, the Wagon couplers at outhaul, before getting coupled, will be inspected through & aligned by a Robotics automation system. It ensures safety while contributing to enhanced productivity. This will abolish the man-machine interface completely during each cycle of tippling.

The new robotics automation system has been installed in one of the Wagon Tipplers & will be horizontally deployed in others as well. This system also has a uniquely designed Smart Fencing System with Automated Gate Locking Facility for restricting unauthorized entry during equipment Operation to insure additional level safety.

What is Wagon Tippler operation?

The Tippler is used for unloading operation of wagons by tipping it. The clamping device is used for Tippler retains wagon from the top as well as from the side. Apart from that track stops, wheel grippers & different types of limit switches are also features of wagon tipplers.

Tata Steel started using Robotics automation system for Wagon Tippler operation.

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