Indian Robo War

Specification of Indian Combat Robots

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Indian RoboWar

The competition is carried out in a tournament format competitor bring their robots ready to battle against their competitors’ robots in one-on-one matches where the aim is to push the opponent’s robot off the arena and scoring maximum points. The robots can be Manual or autonomous.

In India, they are mainly 3 categories 15kg, 30 kg, and 60 kg weight class

Robot Specifications: –

• Max permissible weight of the robot: up to 15 kg, up to 30 kg, and up to 60 kg.

• Cylinders for Pneumatics are excluded from the weight of the robot, if and only if they are kept outside the arena at all times.

• Use of Pneumatics is permitted.

• Wireless Robot should ensure zero interference.

• Do not use any tether cables, projectiles, nets.

• No chemical, inflammable or incendiary materials.

• No liquids are allowed.

• Robots should not employ any RF jammers or any other similar equipment.

• If any robot tries to or damages the arena the robot will be disqualified.

• Participants must provide means(nozzle) to measure the cylinder pressure.

• All bots should have easily visible and controlled mobility to compete.

• ‘COMPRESSOR’ in any case will not be allowed.

Robot Controller Requirements:

• The machine can be controlled through wireless remote only. The power supply should be onboard only.

• There should be binding capability between transmitters and receivers and they must connect between polycarbonate(8mm), metal bars & barriers. The remotes with such a facility will only be allowed.

• The team must have at least four frequency wireless remote-control circuit or two dual control circuits which may be interchanged before the start of the race to avoid frequency interference with other teams. The case of any interference in the wireless systems will not be considered for rematch or results.

• Remote control systems from toys might be used. Remote control systems available in the market may also be used.

• Non-standard or self-made remote-control system must first be approved by the managers.

• Team should pair up the wireless remote with the machine before putting it into the arena.

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