Shaastra annual tech fest of IIT Madras 2023

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Shaastra annual tech fest of IIT Madras 2023. Shaastra, the annual tech fest of IIT Madras is organizing a Space Tech summit for space enthusiasts!

Space has been a subject of fascination for many. Space enthusiasts have emerged in every nook and corner of India over the past decades. Bearing that in mind, IIT Madras will be organizing the ‘Space Tech Summit’ as a part of Shaastra, their annual tech festival. The best part about the summit is that it is supported by ISRO, India’s national space agency, which does phenomenal work relevant to space. The summit is sponsored by Galax Eye Space which develops the world’s first multi-sensor imaging satellite to sense beyond vision, and Agni Kul Cosmos which is a spaceflight company building orbital-class launch vehicles.

Eminent personalities will be attending the ‘Space Tech Summit’ at IIT Madras, which is in Chennai, India. Who will be attending the summit? Here’s a list of top professionals in the field of space who will be attending this summit.

Shaastra annual tech fest of IIT Madras 2023
Shaastra annual tech fest of IIT Madras 2023
  1. Prof. Satya Chakravarty: He is the co-founder of Tech Lead and The ePlane Co.
  2. Sudheer Kumar N: He is the director and CBPO of ISRO HQ.
  3. Nikhitha C: She is the co-founder of SSERD and Genex Space.
  4. Dr. R Hutton : He is the project director of the Gaganyaan mission.
  5. Dr. Umamaheshwaran R: He is the director of the Human Space Flight Center, ISRO.
  6. Divyanshu Poddar: He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rocketeers.

When will the event be conducted?

The event will take place from 26th January to 29th January 2023. The 3-day space summit will have engaging lectures and workshops to build relevant skills. Students will be able to network with the top industry professionals during this summit.

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