Celesta 2023 IIT Patna Techno Management Fest

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Celesta 2023 IIT Patna Techno Management Fest

Celesta, the three-day technical festival, comprises of events that help the students nurture their practical engineering skills. the techno-management exuberance of IIT Patna is not just a fest, it’s a call to all those who live, dream, and breathe technology. It is a platform to promote technical and managerial enthusiasm amongst young and bright minds of our nation and transform their innovative ideas into meaningful realities.

Celesta is the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Patna. Every year Celesta is a host to a plethora of events and competitions with active participation from the students of IIT Patna as well as different colleges. Celesta also features a series of Guest Lecturers who enlighten the event with their knowledge and experience.

Celesta 2023 IIT Patna Techno Management Fest
Celesta 2023 IIT Patna Techno Management Fest

Celesta 2023 Theme

Chrysalis Dawn- Soaring of the colossus The theme could be explained as the world went through a dark phase of complete lockdown, the streets went dead and there was complete silence for a time, but as the world is recovering now, so in continuation to our previous theme of 2022 Post apocalyptic ascention, there’s a dawn that is going to brings light into people’s lives and just as a caterpillar grows into a beautiful butterfly, the same way we are going to experience this phase change of the world which is going to rise to new heights!

Soaring of the colossus means that the world will rise to where it was and even rise beyond its capabilities… Hold your breath, keep your eyes on and mark your calendars for Celesta 2023 will be knocking on your doors on 27th-28th and 29th Jan 2023. The 3-day long techno-management fest is set to ablaze your minds. Get ready to dive into an experience like never before. Do check out Celesta website for the Other Techno Management events.

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0110kRobo Sumo
0210kRobo Soccer
037kRobo Race
0415kDeath Race
0520kDrone Tussle
Celesta 2023 IIT Patna Techno Management Fest

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