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Rocketeers Bangalore based Rocket Startup

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Rocketeers Bangalore based startup is India’s first & Only Rocket related Startup which aims to become a one-stop tech solution platform for everyone who wants to become a Rocket scientist or satellite builder.

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By the time the startup has done almost 100k small rocket launchers from the grounds and more than 300 workshops with all the safety precautions. The highly Experienced Team ensures all the safety precautions of the participants. after every rocket workshop, the rocket is launch.

Rocketeers founder & co-founder :- Divyanshu poddar & Akash Wala source

Two Classmate’s behind Rocketeers Divyanshu Poddar (27) founder of Rocketeers, Indian institute of space science and technology (IIST) & Akash Wala (Classmate from IIST) has created this startup. they have both online & offline business model at the movement.

“Model rocketry is an over ₹120 cr global industry with India’s zero contribution in this market, imagine the potential of this market, there are only a few people who conduct solid fuel-powered model rocketry in India”divyanshu said.

“Now at present the Rocketeers has reached more than one lakh student all across the country, we plan to engage several junior colleges & engineering students. we provide all the information and data related to space technology in our workshop, courses, training” said Akash Wala.

Rocketeers Bangalore based startup

Divyanshu Poddar has work experience of ISRO, Behind Story Of This Startup in 2015 Divyanshu conducted his first rocket workshop in one school after that Divyanshu and his friend is only flying rocket models. then even don’t know where they wanted it to go.“we could have turned it into propulsion systems for rockets or an toy company or just a k12 & robotics edtech company”, Divyanshu said.

The startup idea shaping event happened in March 2016 when Divyanshu meet Anirudh Rastogi founder of TRA Law & Abhishek Raju [ Space & NewSpace industry architect ] they help Divyanshu to realise the potential of this StartUp.

Rocketeers startup workshop

In Presence, even the Startup has not Spent Money on Marking. there are many companies in the same domain, Team Indus, Bellatrix Aerospace, Dhruv Space, Astrome Technologies, SatSure, Earth-2 Orbit and other start-ups.

This is the “The Era of Second Wave of Exploration”.

There are many challenges in this sector because there are very few safety, compliance guidelines and unclear law about rocketry in India. if we compared the rocketry in the US nation there are drafted safety and compliance guidelines about rocketry.

Their only a few people who know and understand the space sector. so it becomes a difficult job for the start-ups to pitch their idea to the investors.

What these Small Rockets can do?

These small Rockets can go up to 300 to 600 feet high from the ground. and Now Enthusiasts can order online Rocket kits from rocketeers and build them and launch them.

Rocket workshop by Rocketeers startup Bangalore

How Much is the Price of these Small Rockets is?
The kits will cost you around ₹890 to ₹5400 price range depends on the kits.

How Much is the Size of these Small Rockets?
When the rocket has assembled the size of Rockets is around 25 to 55 centimetres (CM) long.

The material used in small Rockets?

A special type of paper, resin, plastic, Belsa wood, PVC foam & adhesive.

Small Rockets Fuel?
A cartridge contains 7 to 9 grams of black Power it’s a special power that is patented by this company.

Currently, rocketeers have different Rocket model the biggest Rocket can carry a payload using around three fuel cartridges which is 16 grams of fuel and the total weight of 32 grams, Upto 270 feet and their small Rocket carries around 7 grams of fuel, Total weight 35g up to 350 feet from the ground.

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