Spherical Robot created by iit Bombay researchers Article

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Spherical Robot created by iit Bombay researchers

Leena vachhani associate professor department of system & control engineering IIT Bombay (IIT-B), Abhishek Gupta Assistant Professor from the mechanical Engineering Department & five other Research scholars develop this small ball size robot that can roll in any direction.

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It’s an indigenous and fully made in India robot,Designed by a team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B) Bombay. it’s a spherical teleoperated robot. Which can be deployed for military purpose like reconnaissance & search operations. It can be also deployed for spy operations and search operations in Hijacked buildings. The IIT-B researcher’s team recently filed a patent application for this robot.

Spherical Robot created by IIT Bombay researchers | iitbombay

Advantages & Technical Specification of Spherical Robot:-
The structure of this robot gives more advantages over conventional mobile & humanoid robots. this ball shape robot enables rolling action in any direction on the plan surfaces. sensors & other electronic components are embedded inside the spiracle shape. even the camera is also mounted inside and it provides a 360-degree view of the room. It also has GPS global positioning system inbuild technology so it can travel indoors from point to point autonomously. The Robot can be Easily Controlled using the Android Application.

Indigenous Spherical Robot Created by IIT BOMBAY Researchers

What this robot can do?

The spherical Robot is a low-cost surveillance system if we compare this robot with the other robots & system available out there in the market. the Team is in touch with the National Security Guard for this spherical robot.

The robot was build using Ministers of Electronics and Information technology funds, allocated to IITB National Centre Of Excellence in Technology for International Security, a joint initiative between IIT Bombay Electronics and Information Technology.

How does Spherical Robot work?
Spherical Robot Design is based on pendulum & yoke assembly. the Entire electronics & cameras are inside a spherical shell, so Each part inside the shell moves when the robot moves. Major challenges such as placement of electronic & mechanical components for weight balance & non-winding of the wire during the movement were addressed.

Spherical Robot created by IIT Bombay researchers

To avoid gears in the assembly Two-pendulum design is developed. So the gearless design supports jerky movements so that the application is not limited to a planar environment.

Controller using position measurements is designed for autonomous navigation of the spherical robot from a given source & target position using position measurements. so by using this kind of system the Spherical Robot also can be operated in autonomous mode in spy operations or surveillance.

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