Line Follower Robot Competition Rules India

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1.Line Follower Robot Competition

Line Follower Robot Competition Rules India – The robot must follow the black and white line specified by organizers. the robot will go through different obstacles During competition on the track like different joints, zig-zag lines, curve lines, intersecting lines, and even interruptions. Only the robot that overcomes all the obstacles in less time will win the competition. This competition has its own standards, whether the robot is build using available material or only using a specifically selected construction kit, depends on competition rules.

In Line follower competition you have to design and Build one automatic robot in other words, an Autonomous robot. with specified size/dimensions. Using high-speed motors and fast ability to compete with other Robotics team on the Track. on the other hand, You have to reach the finish point in less time. While competing Your Line follower robot must complete all the given tasks mentioned by the organizers.

Competition category – • junior level Age 15
                                             • Engineering level 

2.Line Follower Competition Rules in India

1) The robot must be autonomous/automatic.
2) In competition the ready-made robots are not allowed, the teams can not participate if they use any ready-made robots, for example – Lego kits.
3) The robot should not damage the track.
4) The participants must arrange their batteries.
5) Power supply must be on board.
6) The robot must be in the given dimensions specified by organizers.
Examples dimensions of line follower robot 25cm- 25cm-25cm (Length ×width ×Hight)
7) Max weight of line follower robot 950 grams.
8) Use sealed batteries, immobilized electrolyte type (gel cell, lithium-ion batteries, Nickel-cadmium battery, or Dry cell)
9) Electrical voltage of the robot should not excite 12 Volt (DC) at any time during competition.
10) In construction all building materials are allowed. until the robot satisfies all the above conditions. Apart from this Ready-made robots aren’t allowed to compete in the competition.

Note- Read all the documents provided by the organizers, then build your robot because some rules may be different in competition.

Line follower robot competition india track
Line follower robot track | Line follower competition India rules

3.Start and Restart

1) Team leader Only allowed to handle the robot during the gameplay.
2) Place your robot on the starting point with the permission of the event organizers.
3) It is not allowed to reprogram your robot. removing parts and Add parts is not allowed during competition rounds.
4) If the robot stops During the match then Organizers only allow three restarts In a single round.
5) In a few competitions  Your time will increase after calculating all the penalties.

4.A robot restart
1) If the robot moves out of the arena.
2) Restart your robot, If the robot stops at any point on the track.

line follower robot competition rules India | Robotics India 

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