Gujarat’s largest techfest Projections 2022

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Gujarat’s largest techfest Projections 2022
Technical Events

Projections is an International Technical Fest hosted by Parul University that includes over 45 different technical, non-technical, and special events, workshops, and guest lectures. It is Gujarat’s largest technical event, with over 8000 attendees and 20000 viewers. Projections’21 centered on emerging technologies from around the world and how they can help us achieve a better future. This year, in Projections’22, we’d like to talk about how people have innovated, how technology has advanced, and how mankind has evolved as a result of technological advancement.

Gujarat’s largest tech fest Projections from 3rd march

Parul University Students will organizing Gujarat’s largest technical fest  Projections expecting registrations from over different colleges and universities across the country as they gear up to host the event for its 3rd march 2022.

Gujarat's largest techfest Projections 2022
Gujarat’s largest techfest Projections 2022
Projections technical event list 2022


Sr No Event Name Description of Event entry fees Winning worth
1 HELL IN THE CELL [15kg] Behold the thrilling steel beast fighting in a closed cell with their deadly weapons and cheer for them as they fight for their pride. ₹450/bot  40,000
2 HELL IN THE CELL [60kg] Watch the heavy metal beast fighting for their pride in a closed ring flaunting their deadly weapons and power. ₹1000/bot  ₹1,05,000
3 ROBO CARRERA Bring your robots to race through thrilling curves and challenge your skill of robot designing as they drift through roads filled with pits and curves. ₹350/bot  ₹25,000
4 ROBO SOCCER Watch the general soccer played by the designed robots and we hold their soccer skills as they score! If you’re up for the challenge get your soccer playing ball is ready in order to compete on the biggest stage. ₹250/bot  ₹15,000
5 FLYING BUZZ An event introduced to bring out the drone fans to bring their self-constructed drones in a battle field of thrilling event and showcase their piloting and drone designing skills. ₹500/drone  ₹30,000
6 AIRBUZZ An event introduced to bring out the RC Aircraft fans to bring their self-constructed Aircrafts in a battle field of thrilling event and showcase their piloting and Aircraft designing skills. ₹500/plane  ₹25,000
7 CODE HUNT A treasure hunt with a unique Technical twist! So get your monocles and ready your minds for the demanding clues that follows. ₹150/person  ₹10,000
8 PSEUDO HEIST An Elimination based technical event! Complete the challenges to qualify, and WIN! ₹150/person  ₹10,000
9 AQUA MISSILE One of the most dynamic and popular games of the year is here which as the name suggests involves missiles, testing your fluid dynamics knowledge. ₹50/person  ₹6,000
10 CHEMO CAR Make your own ChemoCar and make it fast! Race them out and taste the Asphalt! ₹50/person  ₹6,000
11 ENGINOMANIA Event where you can test your skills and knowledge about engines through quizzes and practical events. ₹150/person  ₹10,000
12 ELECTROWORLD Grab your pliers and wires because The ultimate Electrical Assembly showdown is here! ₹150/person  ₹10,000
13 CIVIL CREATION It’s an event filled with quizzes and buzzer rounds based on civil engineering. ₹150/person  ₹10,000

Projections technical event list 2022


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