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What is the usage of AI in the news

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What is the usage of AI in the news? 

Automated journalism, called “robot journalism,” uses AI-powered natural language generation algorithms to turn data into news stories, images, videos, and visualizations. Then we can share these stories through platforms for automated journalism.

Journalists can use AI now in the process of making media. In what is becoming “automated journalism,” they can gather content, understand data pools, write stories, and send them out with a button. Reports are being made on a large scale with the help of algorithms.

What is the growth of ChatGPT? Why is it viral?

Chat GPT has 57 million users in its first month, and Microsoft has put $10 billion into Open AI to support it. This number is significant because it shows how well Chat GPT is doing in its early stages and how much faith Microsoft has in its potential.

We can use it for customer service, personal assistant apps, automated customer support, and more. By knowing what the user wants and what’s happening, Chat GPT can give accurate and personalized answers to user questions. As a result, chat GPT has taken the world by storm in the past few months. It’s quickly become the best example of how effective AI-generated content will be in the future, showing how powerful these tools can be. 

Can AI be used in email marketing? How is it transforming email marketing? 

AI has become an essential part of our lives and an important tool in marketing, especially for marketers who use email marketing campaigns to increase sales and raise brand awareness. AI has helped improve B2B email marketing in particular.

Artificial intelligence can help you send emails automatically to the right customer based on your customer’s activity history. It removes the guesswork and keeps you from sending too many or too few emails. AI technology can also consider time zones, breaks, and habits when setting up your email schedule.

Can AI be applied in psychology? Can it read human minds? 

Yes, Recently, AI has been used to help mental health professionals, like psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinicians, make decisions based on the past data of their patients (e.g., clinical history, behavioural data, social media use, etc.).

Many AI systems on the market can read and understand the text to varying degrees. Alexa and Siri are two examples that everyone knows. But, 83% of the time, a computer can figure out what you’re thinking by watching your brain. It can then show you what you’re thinking about through graphics. So a new kind of AI can read your mind.

What are the benefits of AI in law? How can lawyers use it?

We can use AI to sort and put documents into different groups. AI can also look for important documents. One of the best ways AI is used in law is to store user information in a database. Because of this, lawyers and businesses can get this information much faster than they could before.

Using Artificial Intelligence technologies, lawyers can get information from cases that have happened in the past. They can also use this information to track what the judge says and what they think will happen. Soon, this technology is likely to become more and more important around the world.

What is the future of AI in transportation? What would be the challenges of AI in transportation? 

AI and data processing will inform people about essential things like roadblocks, accidents, traffic predictions, and the quickest way to reach their destination. As a result, AI could stop people from driving when they don’t need to and make roads safer.

AI can also be expensive because it needs a lot of sensors, transmitters, and computing resources. It makes AI too expensive for many organizations, so they are less likely to do so until prices drop significantly. Many AI systems still need improvement.

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