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Urban Matrix created history by flying drone from 3000 km away

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Urban Matrix a Bengaluru based drone tech startup, created history by demonstrating a drone flight from a distance of 3,000 Kms, using 4G technology. The startup flew their drones in Bangalore while controlling the whole flight from Dubai. This is a major milestone for India’s deep-tech innovation. With GoI’s goal of making India a global ‘Drone Hub’ by the year 2030, this demonstration only reflects the commitment of Indian startups to fulfil this mission. 

Drones are becoming popular in agriculture, delivery, surveillance, security, and inspection. With ever increasing number of these birds in our skies, their management becomes the next challenge. Made-in-India ‘MatrixCC 5G’ computer is built to address this challenge. According to Urbanmatrix, this light weight and robust computer is specifically designed for Drones. This computer enables the Drone to get connected with the internet using 4G/5G networks. This allows secure and centralized drone.

Urban Matrix Drone startup
Urban Matrix Drone startup

About UrbanMatrix Startup

Founded in 2019, UrbanMatrix pioneers in building software and electronics solutions for drones. This Bengaluru based startup has raised INR 3.8Cr in total funding and has launched their next funding campaign. Co-founder of Urbanmatrix and an alumnus of IIT Madras, Mr. RishabhVerma said “For the last 100 years, aerial machines were expensive, manned and out of the reach of most industries and individuals. Not anymore.

Drones are bringing in a new revolution for the mankind. We at Urbanmatrix, are enabling mass adoption of drones by filling up critical software and electronics gaps in this industry. The feedback we are getting from the drone industry is overwhelming!”

The startup aims to sign up more than 1,00,000 commercial drones on their platform by the end of 2026. This will bring pilots, regulators, organizations, and OEMs together. A representative of UrbanMatrix said that the startup will start shipping their edge computing device to the US and European markets by the mid-2023. This NASSCOM backed startup has won many competitions including IIGP by Lockheed Martin.

Urban Matrix created history by flying drone from 3000 km away. Read more Robotics Startup and drone startup related news and updates on robotics india live. And also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

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