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Top 40 Robotics Startups companies in India.

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  • Omni present Robo Tech : –

Omnipresent, founded by Aakash Sinha in 2011 has developed UAVs and river cleaning robots, besides making robots for home care and health care services. It is one of the leading robotics provider which also makes drones. They have made robots which are used in fields like defence and industries along with a software which controls the functioning and motion of robots.

  • Pari : –

PARI is amongst the largest global automation companies with over 970+ employees and 8 facilities worldwide. The solid engineering strength enables PARI to be a complete “Solution Provider”, from conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, implementing, and supporting advanced factory automation systems. It provides its customers with the solutions they need to enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals.

  • Planys : –

It is an IIT-Madras incubated startup that designs and manufactures underwater vehicles and provides underwater robotic inspection and survey services. They have made high intensity LED light, mike which can go up to 200 m underwater providing good quality sound and light. It has also launched a underwater robot, Beluga and is founded by Tanuj Jhunjhunwala.

  • Propeller technology (Zafi Robots)  : –

Trichy based Propeller Technologies robotics equipment and robot manufacturer, produce products like Zafi, Zafi Go & Zafi Medic,Zafi Clean and Zafi Sanitize.

  • Robosapiens : –

This startup is providing formal education in the field of Robotics, Automation and Animation in schools and colleges. It holds workshops to impart knowledge in the filed of robotics, mechanical and embedded systems, app development, aero modelling, and much more. They have also organized India’s Biggest Robotics Championships in Institutions like IIT-Bombay, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Guwahati, IIT-Roorkee etc.

  • Robots Alive : –

Based out of Bangalore, Robots Alive is focusing on the field of robot technology across various industries. They design robots in accordance to customers’ demands, that is, they make custom designed robots. Their specialty is designing learning systems which can be operated easily without any expert knowledge. They are trying to convert new ideas into standards, especially in plastic industries these days.

  • Sastra Robotics : –

Founded in mid 2012, Sastra Robotics develops, designs and markets robotics technologies for numerous wide-range applications and thus was selected as one of the contenders for top five ‘Most Promising Startups of 2012’ by Startup Village. Its robots serve multiple purposes, ranging from prosthetic robotic arm to robot interfacing and simulation software to robot APIs. One of their robots called the SCARA robot can even perform tasks repetitively for uses such as moving products, milling, or even 3D printing, and is being used by Bosch to test touchscreens.

  • Skilancer Solar : –

Skilancer Solar, incubated in IIM-Lucknow, manufactures waterless, centrally controlled, self-powered, robotic arms for automatic cleaning of solar modules. With India’s rising water scarcity and challenges in manual/ traditional methods of cleaning and cleaning frequency, Skilancer’s cleaning system offers a better solution for solar plants and industries using solar panels.

  • SP Robotics Maker Lab. : –

Sp Robotics Maker Lab. An Advanced Learning Centre for Robotics, IOT and VR for school and college students.

  • Systemantics : –

Based in Bangalore and started by Jagannath Raju, it is a high-tech ‘industrial’ robotics company which aims to ‘enable widespread adoption of industrial automation”.

  • Team Dustbin. : –

It is a for-profit organization based in West Bengal and is led by Hurrah Nara. It is the winner of Goggles Lunar X Prize worth $1 million wherein they are building a privately funded Spacecraft which will be capable of landing on moon in 2017. They built a robot which could be placed on moon and can explore 500 meters of space and transmit HD videos and images back to earth’s receiver. The startup is a great mix of young and ambitious engineers and skilled partners who can commit to resources.

  • Team Indus : –

Axiom Research Labs is the only Indian entry in the official Google Lunar XPRIZE contest. The first privately funded team to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon, have that robot travel 500 meters over the lunar surface, and send video, images, and data back to the Earth. It Secured $500K seed funding from multiple individual investors including Accel, Yahoo India, Director of analytics at Microsoft, Angel Prime, etc. Team Indus was awarded $1 million from Lunar X project for having successfully completed a test of their landing system. In December 2016, the company entered into a commercial launch contract with ISRO for its mission to land a spacecraft on the moon.

  • Unbox Robotics : –

Unbox robotics Labs provides robotic and automation tools for warehouse. It provides an AI-enabled robotic system that enables customers to deliver customer experience through their logistics service or to sort parcels.

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