The Indian humanoid robot Shalu

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Multi language speaking humanoid robot created by school teacher from western India

If you are thinking who created the humanoid robot “Shalu”? Then, here is the story

The humanoid robot Shalu version 1.0 is also known as Apni Roboshalu. She was the first robot in the world that can interact in 9 Indian languages and 38 foreign languages.

Shalu was fully developed at the home individually by Mr. Dinesh Patel was inspired by ‘Prime minister Digital India Mission’. He also mentioned in one of his interviews that he was also inspired by the “Rajnikant Robot movie and Sofia ”. It took two years to build shalu.

Robot Shalu has capabilities such as recognition and identification with this feature Shalu can conduct Quiz, reply to questions like General Knowledge (Gk). She can solve mathematical problems and equations as well. She doesn’t have only this feature she can interact in 9 Indian languages and 38 foreign languages. Indian languages:- Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu using artificial intelligence.

Mr. Dinesh Patel thinks that why not I can create a robot that can interact with the students like a Robo teacher?  He told that “ Shalu can be used as in restaurants, banks, Hotels, Airports also as a companion of the old person and growing children”. This robot was created by using household material, This was challenging for Mr. Dinesh Patel and he also used Raspberi pi, Arduino microcontroller, open-source libraries. Software like python, Tensorflow, Nltk. 

Latest updates of shalu:- ” In upcoming updates, I’m trying to use 3D printed body parts and silicon mask for face of shalu.up to date robot (Shalu) don’t have legs, because I’m working on upper body parts. so after I’m done with the upper body I will definitely work on legs. right now face and hands moves correctly. The weight of shalu is 4 Kg and it is purely made up of household material excluding 10 motors.” Mr. Dinesh Patel told.

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