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Team DJS Antariksh won European Rover Challenge 2021

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Team DJS Antariksh won European Rover Challenge 2021. Yesterday the Result European Rover Challenge 2021 was announced and Team DJS Antariksh won the First place in Remote mode due to Covid 19 this year the ERC was held in Two different modes first is Remote and the second one is in On field mode. the DJS Antariksh team participated in remote mode.

“Due to the pandemic situation, it was tough for the team to meet and work together for the competition. However, the team managed to keep constant communication through continuous assessment and teamwork, we prepared for the challenge remotely. We also faced difficulties in testing our software and technicalities due to the unavailability of hardware, but this was resolved by doing rigorous iterations in the simulation environments”. Team Captain.

For the navigation and science task, the team was supposed to reach given waypoints by navigating through the MarsYard built by ERC and deploy probes at each waypoint. The team also had to scan the MarsYard for unidentified objects and verify our hypothesis through our final reports.

The Maintenance task, the objective was to take over and control the UR3 Robotic Arm to do various tasks, like pressing buttons, attaching IMU sensor, and inspection, which are common tasks for astronaut-assistive missions.

The Presentation task, the team was expected to develop an overall presentation of the engineering approach, planning, and execution of the tasks in the competition. Along with this, the business model for the commercialization of our rover on an international scale played a crucial role in the presentation.

“We were successfully able to complete all the above-mentioned tasks accurately in the allotted time. The experience gained from the competition is unparalleled and the learning curve keeps growing”. Team Captain told Robotics India.

The team would like to thank the European Rover Challenge for organizing an event as massive as this and looks forward to many such competitions. We are highly grateful to the ERC Coordinators and Volunteers for hosting both the remote and on-site event. The remote event gave teams like ours from severely affected countries a great platform to showcase our skills and talents.

Also, we won the Best science task award for the second consecutive year.

Team DJS Antariksh won European Rover Challenge 2021
Team DJS Antariksh won European Rover Challenge 2021
About Team DJS Antariksh

DJS Antariksh is the official Rover Challenge team of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. The team was founded in December 2019. The team consists of the following 5 departments. We follow agile work methodology to deliver the best technology results.
1. Electronics
2. Mechanical
3. Coding
4. Science
5. Marketing

About European Rover Challenge

The European Rover Challenge (ERC, ERC Space & Robotics) is a prestigious space & robotics event combining international competitions of mobile robots with scientific and technological shows. The 7th edition of the ERC Space and Robotics Event was take placed on 10-12 September 2021. European Rover Challenge is one of the largest international events in the field of robotics and the conquest of space. The main part of ERC is an international robotics competition

Team DJS Antariksh VISION

To expand horizons of innovation by optimal usage of technology and in turn develop a High Technology Martian Rover which will decipher many Martian secrets. The developed technology will thus prove to be the biggest tool to inspire the spirit of space exploration.

Team DJS Antariksh won European Rover Challenge 2021
Team DJS Antariksh won European Rover Challenge 2021
Team DJS Antariksh Mission

● To design an exceptional Martian Rover with the integration of diverse technology tools and be the leaders in the field of Advance Technology
● To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, professional associates, and collaborators.
● To sustain an enriching environment through diversity and teamwork
● To be a team that inspires and fulfills your curiosity

DJS Antariksh made its debut by participating in the European Rover Challenge 2020 and made a mark by achieving the 3rd rank in the competition.

This year the team was determined to do even better. With lots of hard work and unwavering determination, the team achieved a great feat this year at ERC.

We are proud to announce that DJS Antariksh is the champion of the European Rover Challenge 2021 (Remote Edition) – Securing an overall 1st Rank Worldwide, becoming the first Asian team to ever win the competition! ?

The team also won Two special category awards out of four special awards-
(1) Best Navigation Team ?
(2) Best Science Team ?

In just two years since its inception, the team has made exceptional achievements and aims to achieve many more. The team has stayed true to its motto of deciphering the unimaginable each year. Also, the team won $1250 USD which was sponsored by GMV company.

“We would like to thank all our sponsors for their continuous support throughout the preparation of the competition”, a Team member told to Robotics India.

DJS Antariksh Sponsors

1. PCB Power Market
2. Robokits India
3. Sunrise Multi Tech Fasteners Pvt. Ltd.
4. WOL 3D

Team DJS Antariksh Software Partners

1. Ansys Inc.
2. Altium

Team DJS Antariksh members

1) Rutwik Bhangale
2) Sandeep Jala
3) Yukti Shah
4) Jazib Dawre
5) Vedant Singh
5) Parshvi Doshi
6) Vishal Umaria
7) Shreya Nayak
8) Darshan Mehta
9) Rajus Nagwekar
other department members

Team DJS Antariksh won European Rover Challenge 2021. Last but not least, subscribe to the robotics India newsletter and follow robotics India for more robotics-related news and updates.

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