start-up SS Innovations join hands with Avra Medical Robotics

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start-up SS Innovations join hands with Avra Medical Robotics

MedTech start-up SS Innovations join hands with Avra Medical Robotics

A new Indian medTech company, SS Innovations is prepared to hit the Indian and international robotic-surgery market soon, after acquiring a major stake in Avra Medical Robotics, a Nasdaq listed US based company.

SS Innovation has now obtained access to worldwide funding and market. The state of the art SSI Mantra, the creation of renowned robotic heart surgeon Dr. Sudhir P. Srivastava, has ushered in a new era of surgical treatments in India by making robotic surgery available and reasonably priced for the people.

The SSI Mantra, an advanced surgical robotic system with more and better features and applications than current systems, is introduced by SS Innovations. SS Innovations become the first company in South Asia to launch the first fully “Made in India” surgical robot, SSI Mantra.

According to Dr. Sudhir P. Srivastava, this device will fundamentally alter how surgical procedures are thought of in the country and around the globe in terms of accuracy, technological advancement, and cost effectiveness.

start-up SS Innovations join hands with Avra Medical Robotics
start-up SS Innovations join hands with Avra Medical Robotics

This Surgical Robotic System is a modular multi-arm system machinery. It has a 32-inch large 3D HD monitor, a 23-inch 2D Touch panel monitor for all patient-related information to display, a virtual real-time image of the robotic Patient Side Arm Carts, and it supports the use of 3-5 robotic arms. It also has an open-faced ergonomic surgeon command centre. To improve safety and effectiveness. The modular robotic arms provide for versatility in both arm placement and arm count. Thus, surgical procedures can be performed without running into one another.

Dr. Frederic Moll, the inventor of robotic surgery, and the brain behind the Da Vinci surgical system stated, “ This system will provide the most advanced technology to patients around the globe, East and West alike. This technology is an opportunity to bring a major impact on contributing towards better healthcare and wellbeing of Asia and across her borders.”

While talking about the merger with Avra Medical Robotics Inc, Dr Sudhir P Srivastava, Founder, Chairman & CEO, of SS Innovations said “This acquisition will help us reach the global market. Our innovation will be used widely. As we know that the future of Medtech lies in the precision of surgery and this acquisition will help us to bring this “Make in India” technology to the global platform. The union of Avra Medical Robotics with SSI will revolutionise the medical service all over the world hailing the spirit of Made in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

On this merger, Barry F Cohen, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Avra Medical Robotics Inc., USA said, “I am so happy for taking along my company Avra Medical Robotics into a marriage with SSI Innovations. We have combined the gifts of the East and the West to bring extremely accurate precision of Surgery to the people of the World.

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