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SAUVC Shortlisted Teams 2022

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SAUVC Shortlisted Teams 2022 | Singapore AUV Challenge

Autonomous underwater robotics is an exciting challenge in engineering, which participants get to experience at SAUVC. The competition is great learning ground for participants to experience the challenges of AUV system engineering and develop skills in the related fields of mechanical, electrical and software engineering.


Participants will have access to mentors and support. Teams will be assigned liaisons who will be able to provide mentorship and technical guidance as the teams work on designing and building their AUVs. SAUVC emphasizes outreach, learning and skill development and we want to ensure everyone learns and grows through the course of SAUVC.

Guest speakers

The competition will also feature workshops and lectures from world renowned experts in the field of marine robotics and autonomous underwater systems to inspire participants with new ideas and techniques to solve challenges and build an interest in careers related to marine robotics.

SAUVC Shortlist Teams List 2022
SAUVC Shortlist Teams List 2022

The competition is also about meeting others like us, who are also interested in underwater robotics and autonomous systems, to get to know one another, to share ideas and make connections.

SAUVC Shortlisted Teams 2022

The SAUVC competition challenges participant teams to build an AUV which can perform given tasks. These tasks are simulations of tasks operational AUVs would have to be able to perform. The competition is held in a swimming pool and each team’s AUV will have to perform 4 tasks. The speed and accuracy at which the AUV performs tasks will be used to decide the winner of the competition. The tasks involve four widely faced challenges underwater such as AUV navigation, visual identification, acoustic localization and robotic manipulation.

Detailed explanation of the various tasks of the competition and rules are in the Rulebook v4.3.

The competition is open to participants from all over the world. A team may consist of up to 11 participants including faculty supervisors. At least half of the participants must be non-professionals (students, hobbyists, hackerspace members, etc) at the time of registration.

Getting to Singapore

Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s largest aviation hubs, so unless you’re coming from Peninsular Malaysia or Batam/Bintan in Indonesia, the easiest way to enter Singapore is by air. In addition to Singapore Airlines and SilkAir, Singapore is also home to low-cost carriers, Scoot and Jetstar Asia. In addition to the locals, every carrier of any size in Asia offers flights to Singapore, with Air Asia and Firefly operating dense networks from Singapore.

More Information about SAUVC 2022

The event will be organized based on current safe-management measures and best practices in place at the time of the event. This may affect the number of teams, supporters, visitors that may be allowed to attend the event. Teams traveling for the event will be responsible for ensuring they meet the criteria required to enter Singapore for the event. The safety of participating teams and all involved individuals will be of the highest priority during the event. SAUVC

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Champion: ITU AUV TEAM (SAUVC-TR-02)
Istanbul Technical University
Istanbul, Turkey

1st Runner Up: Hydronautics (SAUVC-RU-01)
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Moscow, Russia

2nd Runner Up: TECH_SAS (SAUVC-ID-04)
Telkom University
Bandung, Indonesia

Innovative Design and Engineering Award : Hydronautics (SAUVC-RU-01)
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Moscow, Russia

Second Runner Up 
Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology & Institution
Sathyamangalam, India
Second Runner Up BITAUV (SAUVC-IN-01) Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology & Institution Sathyamangalam, India


Team IDTeam NameInstituteLocation
SAUVC-BD-01BRACU DUBURIBRAC University🇧🇩 Dhaka, Bangladesh
SAUVC-BD-02AqualungAhsanullah University of Science and Technology🇧🇩 Dhaka, Bangladesh
SAUVC-BD-03SUST_U_FORTUNATEShahjalal University Of Science & Technology
🇧🇩 Sylhet, Bangladesh
SAUVC-CN-01HEUEVHarbin Engineering University🇨🇳 Harbin, China
SAUVC-HK-01CityU Underwater Robotics – PIONEERCity University Of Hong Kong🇭🇰 Hong Kong
SAUVC-HK-02CityU Underwater Robotics – JUNEERCity University Of Hong Kong🇭🇰 Hong Kong
SAUVC-HK-03PotentialPolyU – Hong Kong Community College🇭🇰 Hong Kong
SAUVC-ID-01N4-AUVIPB University🇮🇩 Bogor, Indonesia
SAUVC-ID-02N5-AUVIPB University🇮🇩 Bogor, Indonesia
SAUVC-ID-03FIToplanktonTelkom University🇮🇩 Bogor, Indonesia
SAUVC-ID-04TECH_SASTelkom University🇮🇩 Bogor, Indonesia
SAUVC-ID-05Autonomous Marine Vehicle UI (AMV UI)Universitas Indonesia🇮🇩 Depok, Indonesia
SAUVC-ID-06Banyubramanta ITSInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember🇮🇩 Surabaya, Indonesia
SAUVC-IN-01BITAUVBannari Amman Institute Of Technology & Institution🇮🇳 Sathyamangalam, India
SAUVC-IN-02Team ShauryaIIITDM Kancheepuram🇮🇳 Chennai, India
SAUVC-IN-03Team KurmaIndian Institute Of Technology Roorkee🇮🇳 Roorkee, India
SAUVC-IN-04Team Nirma AUVInstitute Of Technology – Nirma University🇮🇳 Ahmedabad, India
SAUVC-IN-05AUVMECMahindra University🇮🇳 Hyderabad, India
SAUVC-IN-06OceanusChrist College Of Engineering🇮🇳 Irinjalakuda, India
SAUVC-IN-07MGR ARI AUVDr. M.G.R. Educational And Research Institute🇮🇳 Chennai, India
SAUVC-IN-08VarunaSri Sairam College Of Engineering🇮🇳 Bengaluru, India
SAUVC-IN-09HUSTLERSZakir Husain College Of Engineering & Technology – Aligarh Muslim University🇮🇳 Aligarh, India
SAUVC-IN-10AUV-IITBIndian Institute Of Technology Bombay🇮🇳 Mumbai, India
SAUVC-JP-01HIT-RoboticsHiroshima Institute Of Technology🇯🇵 Hiroshima, Japan
SAUVC-MY-01SOTON HORNBILLSUniversity Of Southampton Malaysia🇲🇾 Johor, Malaysia
SAUVC-PL-01PWr Diving CrewWrocław University Of Science And Technology🇵🇱 Wrocław, Poland
SAUVC-PL-02OKON KNRWarsaw Institute Of Technology
🇵🇱 Warszawa, Poland
SAUVC-RU-01HydronauticsBauman Moscow State Technical University🇷🇺 Moscow, Russia
SAUVC-RU-02Hydronautics_2Bauman Moscow State Technical University🇷🇺 Moscow, Russia
SAUVC-RU-03FEFU&IMTPFar Eastern Federal University🇷🇺 Vladivostok, Russia
SAUVC-RU-04msu robotics teamMaritime State University🇷🇺 Vladivostok, Russia
SAUVC-SG-01Hornet 7.0National University Of Singapore🇸🇬 Singapore
SAUVC-SG-02Deep Sea 9Singapore Polytechnic🇸🇬 Singapore
SAUVC-SG-03UwUSingapore University Of Technology And Design🇸🇬 Singapore
SAUVC-SG-04MecatronNanyang Technological University🇸🇬 Singapore
SAUVC-TH-01SEAPUPKasetsart University🇹🇭 Bangkok, Thailand
SAUVC-TR-01BAUROVBahçeşehir Üniversitesi🇹🇷 İstanbul, Turkey
SAUVC-TR-02ITU AUV TEAMGazi University🇹🇷 Ankara, Turkey
SAUVC-TR-03Istanbulensis Robotic TeamUskudar University🇹🇷 İstanbul, Turkey
SAUVC-TR-04BTU AUVBursa Technical University🇹🇷 Bursa, Turkey
SAUVC-TR-05CALROVCağaloğlu Anatolian High School🇹🇷 İstanbul, Turkey
SAUVC-TW-01ORCA AUVNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University🇹🇼 Taipei, Taiwan
SAUVC 2022 Short-listed Teams

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