Not yet seen any Chinese robotics soldier on LAC, will help their real soldiers escape extreme cold.

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Amid Chinese media claims that robotic soldiers have been deployed by their Army, top sources in security forces on Friday said that even though no such soldiers have yet been sighted on the borders but it would be helpful for the People’s Liberation Army to do so as their troops are finding it very difficult to cope up with the bone-chilling winters there.

This is the second consecutive year when the Chinese soldiers have been forced by their superiors to stay put on the Indian borders where temperatures range between minus 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

We are yet to come across any of these robotic soldiers armed with guns. But if the Chinese Army is doing so, it would help their soldiers who are finding it difficult to survive there, sources in security forces.

The Chinese soldiers are finding it difficult to come out of their barracks as at many locations, they venture outside only for very short periods and get inside quickly, they said.

Last year also, they faced similar issues and had to bring in 90 per cent of fresh troops last summer to replace the older ones who had suffered severe cold-related injuries and trauma.

Even during the deployment in friction points in the Pangong lake area, Chinese troops were getting rotated on an almost daily basis at high altitude posts and their movement had become very restricted.
The Indian forces are physiologically acclimatized to high altitudes and mountain warfare and can tackle adverse weather conditions and rough terrain.

The Indian Army deploys its troops in high altitude areas for a period of two years and around 40-50 per cent of troops get rotated every year.

The tenures of Chinese robotic soldier (ITBP) soldiers in these conditions are sometimes much longer than two years.

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