International Planetary Aerial Systems Challenge 2021

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International Planetary Aerial Systems Challenge 2021, organized by MARS SOCIETY SOUTH ASIA (MSSA) was concluded on 5th May 2021. This challenged the teams to design a Mars Aerial System (Vehicle) which shall be fully functional and mission-ready for operation on Mars Planet.

The competition required students to think on their feet and plan each subsystem of the Aerial System considering various extra-terrestrial parameters in the design. 27 teams participate in the inaugural edition of the International Planetary Areal Systems Challenge. The last date of submitting the report was 5th May 2021.on Wednesday 26th May mars society of South Asia Announce the results of the international planetary Aerial system challenge 2021.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you strive to create them” A perfect quote representing all the students who enthusiastically participated in the International Planetary Aerial Systems Challenge 2021!

As the world deals with a pandemic, university students across several regions band together virtually to create their innovative UAV designs, learning and exploring their creative faculties in the process.

“This year’s challenge as the scores suggest was very tight. With so many teams delivering top-quality reports, we had a tough time studying the nuances of each design and accurately appropriate scores to the teams, “mars society south Asia.

The Top 3 Teams for IPAS Challenge 2021 are:

1. Team Legendary
2. DJS Antariksh
3. Team Technocrats

In addition, 2 teams have been awarded innovation awards for their out-of-the-box approach and innovative design.
1. Team Vision 9 – Power Generation System – innovation cell surat
2. Gas Compression System- Team Interplanetar

Robotics India wish hearty Congratulations to all the teams! 

“Legendary rover team Winners of the International Planetary Aerial Systems (IPAS) Challenge 2021. have decided to donate their 1st prize money of INR 25,000 towards COVID-19 relief in India (PM Careers fund), “mars society South Asia. Team Name Team Scores country 
1. TEAM LEGENDARY 608.26 ??
2. DJS ANTARIKSH 560.51 ??
4. AEROS 532.24 ??
5. RGIT’S PEGASUS 526.45 ??
6. INFERNO DTU 520.32 ??
7. COSMOSTELLAR 518.92 ??
9. KUET DURBAR 510.91 ??
10. ATOM ROBOTICS 503.02 ??
11. TEAM TARDIS 501.10 ??
14. ARDRA 474.21 ??
15. PROJECT MANAS 450.84 ??
16. BRACU KILO FLIGHT 450.12 ??
18. TEAM VISION9 428.22 ??
19. TEAM EKYAM 422.56 ??
20. SPARROW 412.63 ??
21. AIRNOVA 407.57 ??
22. RENAISSANCE 394.42 ??
23. TEAM CIPHER 303.10 ??
24. DYNAMICS 259.27 ??
25. VAYUJITH 214.41 ??
26. MITRA 166.31 ??

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