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We Are Robotics India – India’s Most Loved Robotics platform

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we create content that is interesting opinionated inclusive addictive and informative.

Publish your Content

● 04 Different Languages. ● 40+ Different Categories.

● Reach Robotics Enthusiastic from all Across the India and globe.
● Reach to Sponsorship providers.
● Publish your startup story.
● Publish your Team Achievements.
● Create your team portfolio on the robotics India website.
● Reach more audiences using the Robotics India Platform.
● Use our Google News platform to share your team’s related updates.


Our Audience mainly contains robotics engineering students, Robotics Clubs, innovation centers, and robotics enthusiasts from all across India and the globe. Technology and tech lovers. Robotics India gets this, and that’s why we’re besties with young India.

Stories that fit perfectly with our Category, stories that are actually interesting enough to be shared. Robotics India also shares robotics and innovation challenge-related updates organized by the government of India, the Department Of Telecommunications Government Of India, Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology, and the government platform.

What We Do Best!!

Robotics India’s in-house creative team works with Teams and startups to create articles aligned with relevant objectives, themes, and campaigns. The content is designed for sharing and to resonate strongly with your target audience. We strive to entertain and inspire with snackable content in a variety of formats like listicles, long-format articles, polls, opinion pieces, Facebook albums, quizzes, and infographics! All custom articles are published on our website for easy discovery alongside the day’s most popular news and informative stories.

Social Discovery

Social networks are where millennials discover & consume news & information. But it’s also where your Team and startup stories compete. Robotics India excels at creating sticky stories that immediately get noticed & instantly shared.

Video Originals
Robotics India+ is our original video storytelling platform for social & mobile. With a dedicated team & studio, we produce over videos every month and news, documentaries, and more!

We collaborate with Robotics Teams, Robotics Clubs, and innovation centers to develop original video content that is crafted for social and mobile. We already have over 5000+ members across platforms and We are still growing Rapidly.

Custom Integrations With custom integrations, Teams, and Robotics Startups get the opportunity to create unique content properties that showcase your knowledge in the most interesting ways. Custom integrations are tailor-made for your team’s objectives. Get in touch with us at if you’d like to know more!

robotics India platform
robotics India platform

Our Process

Our brand solutions team assess the brand challenges and objective as shared in your brief.

This is the time to ask and answer all questions.

Our team of content strategists, video production, and design experts all get into the act to combine viral, engaging ideas and create compelling, on-brand content. Your content idea is published across several Robotics India platforms.

Professionally represent your team on our Platform

• Share details at our email id and our team will help you to create and share your story, achievements, and updates in a professional way with good quality graphics and videos.

contact robotics India live
contact robotics India live

What makes Robotics India so Special? 

All our ideas for your Robotics Team and startup have to be delicious enough to be worthy of being on Robotics India. And that means we’re as invested as you are in making sure that we get only the most awesome ideas out there.

Advertise On Robotics India To explore advertising opportunities with Robotics India, write to us at-

Robotics India is India’s Top Leading & one of the most Prominent active Social platforms. It is well-known for its genuine updates related to Latest Technologies, Space, Defense, Robotic Teams, Robo Events & many more. It has already grabbed the huge success of 5000+ Members within a few days of launching. Till now, it published content of 20+ different categories & also available in multiple languages.

The team intends to democratize quality technical education, resources & opportunities related to Robotics, Space, Defense, Innovations, Technologies, etc & making them available to all. Robotics India has an experienced team of Experts/Specialists from different backgrounds who continuously monitor the social Platforms, government websites, and trusted news sources and gather relevant & factual data which is then modified & drafted by the Team Experts & later circulated in the form of articles, blogs, videos, news to all the social platforms. It does not charge any money to promote Innovations, Technologies, Robotics, etc. & provides truthful service to its audience.

Our platforms

  • The Robotics India
  • Robotics India kids
  • Robotics India Telugu
  • Robotics India Hindi
  • Robotics India Tamil

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