5T Initiatives, the Sundargarh District Administration has embarked on an ambitious plan to implement the STEM Model Science Labs in the High Schools.

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Sundargarh: As part of its endeavor to bring in the best out of the students through School Transformation under the 5T Initiatives, the Sundargarh District Administration has embarked on an ambitious plan to implement the STEM Model Science Labs in the High Schools.

The state-of-the-art and proven STEM Models are being incorporated in the Transformed High Schools In Sundargarh. This will directly benefit thousands of High School students by providing them an environment for interactive engagement.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The STEM model of curriculum is an educational tool to promote learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects in correlation to each other for better understanding.

Modern science laboratories are being set up in all the transformed high schools under the ambitious 5T Initiatives in the Sundargarh district based on the STEM Model. Importance is being given to making the foundation of the students from the high school level to motivate them to take up careers in the field of science and research in their higher education stage. 

In a tribal-dominated and mining-affected district like Sundargarh of Odisha, this move aims to largely benefit the students from poor and tribal families and general backgrounds studying in Government schools.

“Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is my role model. I aspire to become a scientist like him in the future. Now, since modern science lab has been set up in our school, my dreams will be fulfilled”, says Jyoti Kerketa, a student of Kumjharia Government High School in Kuarmunda block of Sundargarh district.

Telescopes and microscopes, human body models, plant cell models, animal cell models, metal separators, soil testing, chemical salts, various robotic kits, and electronic kits for electronic testing are being provided at the science labs for the use of children.

“Our school didn’t have a good science lab earlier. We were just reading books and learning about science. However, now under 5T, our school has received new and modern scientific types of equipment in our science lab. We now learn subjects by the use of models and mock-ups which makes it easy to understand”, says Omkarnath Kar, a student of KCP Panchayat High School at Lephripara Block in Sundargarh.

As part of the state government’s flagship High School Transformation Under 5T Programme, the school infrastructure is being renovated and smart classrooms, e-libraries, modern science laboratories, clean toilets, and playgrounds are being developed.

In the tribal-dominated Sundargarh district, emphasis is also being laid on science laboratories to develop scientific temper and research-oriented thinking among high school students. Consequently, many students like as Jyoti Kerketa and Omkarnath Kar, are showing interest in science subjects today.

“As part of the High School Transformation Programme, we are striving to fulfill the future dreams of students at Sundargarh district. For students who want to pursue a career in science, we have created state-of-the-art STEM model science labs at all the transformed high schools. Science Teachers have also been trained to teach children accordingly. This modern laboratory will be helpful for the students to build their dream careers”, informs Collector & DM Sundargarh, Nikhil Pavan Kalyan.

Science enhances students’ curiosity and the will to ask questions, understand, and experiment. This is why district administration has emphasized on creating interest in science in the minds of students through modern science labs under the high school transformation programme.

“Earlier, science classes were all about theory. Due to the lack of specialized laboratories and equipment, the children were unable to touch, feel or experiment and study. But now, through the High School Transformation Programme, modern science labs are present at all transformed Govt High Schools and students have been given different tools according to their curriculum.

As a result, children are showing a keen interest in science. This will make the children of a tribal majority district like Sundargarh dream big and work to achieve the same”, says Sundargarh District Education Officer Amulya Kumar Padhan.

“Due to the non-availability of science laboratories and equipment, the children did not show much interest in science. They wrote the exam papers by memorizing the text. But now we have provided a variety of tools to educate children as per the basic sciences like physics, chemistry, and biology. The children are now showing much inclination towards science”, says Sundargarh District Science Inspector Suraj Prakash Chowdhury.

The modern science labs in the Govt. High Schools are not only creating interest among students but also largely enhancing the skills of the science teachers. As the teachers have the necessary scientific tools, they can easily explain complex topics to children. Practical lessons are made easy because there is a coordinator at every school to help students during the practical class.

Earlier teachers were addressing the children on different subjects, as per the curriculum, by drawing graphics and images on the blackboard. But now, after the transformation of govt high schools, they teach children in smart classrooms using PPT, videos, and animations on the interactive digital boards. As a result, science theory classes have also become engaging and interesting in comparison to the past.

“Our Children can now dream big. The Science labs will open new avenues for students to fulfill their dreams. Many of them will go on achieving illustratious career in the future and earn glory for themselves and the society”, shares Debashis Panda, a science teacher at Kumjharia Government High School in Kuarmunda block.

Modern and upgraded science labs have infused new spirits and dreams in the minds of hundreds of high school students in the Sundargarh district. Especially among the children in the rural areas and the mining-affected areas of the district, new possibilities have been created for their future studies. For this development, the students, parents, and teachers of the region vividly express their gratitude to CM Naveen Patnaik and 5T Secretary VK Pandian.

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