How to publish yourstory article at robotics india

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How to publish yourstory article on robotics india
How to publish yourstory article on robotics India

How to Publish yourstory article at robotics India. Publish yourstory on robotics India. Have a great innovation story and want to be heard by the masses? Submit your story at The Robotics India for FREE and get a chance to reach out to our diverse audience across India.

The Robotics India is one of India’s leading robotics platform which covers Robotics related topics in 20+ different categories. Our mission is to informing, educating, and inspiring its readers and create a Robotics ecosystem in India. Robotics India mission is to create Robotics ecosystem in India.

Have you started a Robotics team, a Robotics startup or your team participate in the international and national level competition or you are part of any innovation you want to reach the masses with your achievements in the Robotics field? If yes, you are landed on the right article page. Robotics India offers you a chance to showcase your startup, Robotics projects, ideas, achievements,  in front of Robotics India’s diverse audience from across India.


Why YourStory matters to us?

At Robotics India, your story matters to us. Every Robotics team, innovation team has faced their own set of challenges & hurdles which make them who they are today. We would love to hear about the challenges and obstacles faced by you and your team while building your dream Robot. 

Share your experience of robotics with us, and we will create engaging article containing all the elements that make you who you are today. Robotics india focuses more on yourstory as an individual or team.

Robotics India is a leading Robotics news and innovation story platform that provides its audience with the latest news and updates on the Indian Robotics ecosystem.


How to publish yourstory article at robotics India
3 Ways to Submit Yourstory.

1. Apply for Robotics India 

Robotics India started a new category on our platform which covers inspirational stories of all different teams. Robotics India will promote these stories not only by creating articles but also will publish a different post on our social media accounts.

Apply to Robotics India 

When you apply to Robotics India to publish yourstory or article. Our team will request you to answer a few questions laid down on the form. ( Note:- Ensure that you provide us with the right email address as that will serve as our main source of contact.)

2. Request us via email

Another way that you can get yourstory / Article featured on our platform is by creating a Story/article Request via email at our official email address Simply create an email with Story Request or Article Request in its subject and briefly talk about yourstory and cover all points which you want to cover. Our team will contact you shortly with further questions on the publication In between 2-3 working days.

3. Message us on our Facebook page

Social media is used as a source of communication by many, while businesses majorly depend on other official methods of communication. However, we believe that when a story holds passion, it needs to be heard. You can reach out on Robotics India’s official Facebook page to get yourstory featured on our platform.

How to publish yourstory article on robotics india
How to publish yourstory article on robotics India
YourStory at Robotics India – We’ll Publish Your Story
Publish yourstory now

We want to know yourstory and your journey behind starting your Robotics team, robotics startup, your drone story, Startup story at Robotics India are specially curated with the purpose of inspiring robotics enthusiastic.

Yourstory will not only be featured on our main website ( but will also be shared on our social media handles Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

What is YourStory & Why it Matters?

Tell us yourstory of overcoming the hindrances and backlashes that came your way while participating in different competitions. Each journey has some ups and downs, but what matters is the intention of going on despite facing the struggles.

Yourstory matters! Take us through your trail of success while we note down to form the perfect publication so that yourstory reaches the masses and gets the recognition it deserves.

How does your story make money?

At Robotics India, we support young Robotics teams who’re trying to fit in the Robotics ecosystem and robotics economy. To be clear, yourstory does not make you money directly through publication. Rather, investors and angel funders can approach team Robotics India if they see potential in your team and yourstory and want to fund your team/ Robotics startup.

How to tell your professional story?

It’s easy to tell your professional story to the world. You can tell yourstory as a professional or as an entrepreneur or team to robotics India in a few simple steps.

To tell yourstory as a professional:
Go to Robotics India homepage. Scroll down and click on content us in the Robotics India Fill up the form. The team at The Robotics India will approach you with a bunch of questions. Provide descriptive answers to the questions so that a good publication for yourstory can be formed.

How to Submit Your Story or Your Startup Story at Robotics India

Follow the steps given below to submit your story at Robotics India for free: Prepare an email with ‘Robotics/technology startup Story Request’ as the subject and a brief summary of what your startup does along with your contact details. Drop the email at Our team will reach you within a few days with a set of questions in your email. Answer the questions with reference to your startup story and your journey Submit the answers as an attachment or in the email itself.

Don’t forget to send in some high-quality professional pictures of you and your team to be included in the publication. Sit back and relax while we curate yourstory. You’ll receive an email as soon yourstory is published on our platform along with the link.

You can share your startup story with your near and dear ones by sharing the post via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Instagram Yourstory to Us

You can also send a request on our Instagram page to publish your article/story (note:- drop content details so that our team members can contact you regarding your publication) Note: We recommend you to approach us on our official email.

Why choose robotics India for your stories?

Multiple elements make robotics India the best platform for sharing your story with readers from across the nation.

» It’s 100% Free

The robotics India covers all the different stories of Robotics teams, UAV ,drone stories, Robowar, artificial intelligence, machine learning, innovation type stories and news latest updates in 20+ different categories. You can also publish your article / story / news / your team related updates for 100% free

» Unique

At robotics India our team of experts aim to elaborate your team and yourstory in the best way possible.

» Thought-Provoking

Robotics India is created to raise questions in the mind of its readers, there by increasing their thought-provoking process.

» Inspiration

Robotics India serves as a source of inspiration for Robotics beginners and many other.

Frequently Asked YourStory Questions:
1. How do you answer tell me my story?

When telling someone yourstory, be it professionally or personally, firstly ensure that you go through all challenges and events that led you to a certain destination. The audience should be hooked to your content, so talk both about the negative and the positives of your life that make you who you are today.

2. How to become a writer at Robotics India?

Last but not least, To become a writer at Robotics India, you can simply apply for the job and internship opening available at Once your resume has been shortlisted, our team will contact you for the next interview rounds leading to the final selection.

This is How you can publish yourstory article at robotics India

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