Top 10 Techfest In India 2022

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Top 10 Techfest In India 2022

College fests are fun and educational that give the right amount of competitive spirit along with team values. Apart from cultural fests, tech fests can also be interesting and vibrant. They have workshops and exhibitions apart from gaming, hacking, coding, and programming events. Tech fests in India are as popular as any concert or event. The attendance is huge and also engages international participants.

Here are the top 10 techfests in India 2022. Let us know which one is the most exciting to you through Disqus.

1. Techfest, IIT Bombay 

Techfest of IIT Bombay was first started in 1998. It is now Asia’s largest science and tech festival. It is a three-day event that is open to all students as well as corporate associates. The events include Robowar, an international coding competition, and an international robotic competition. Participants are from countries like France, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Russia, Egypt, and many others countries.

Top 10 techfest in India 2022
Top 10 techfest in India 2022

2. Pragyan, NIT Tiruchirappalli 

Pragyan by NIT Tiruchirappalli was first started in 2005. It is a yearly international techno-managerial organization. There are around 39 events and over 60 participating countries. The events include a programming competition, quizzes, and debates, Robo war, gaming events, and workshops. The management events like Dalal street bring in lots of participants.

3. Axis, VNIT Nagpur 

Axis is organized by the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. It was started in 2004 and now is the largest tech gest in central India. Late. APJ Abdul Kalam (2014) and Dr. Dinesh Keskar (2015) have addressed the fest. The events include Robo wars, car racing, autoboot, aqua hunt, construction and designing events, and several such events.

4. Ojas, BIT Durg 

Ojas is organized by the Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg annually. It isn’t just a tech-fest but also a cultural and sports festival. It was first held in 2011. It has several events about hacking, gaming, robotics, and other sports events. They also conduct workshops on tech-related topics under this fest and arrange exhibitions to increase awareness and update the participants about the latest technologies.

5. Horizon, IGIT Sarang 

Horizon is organized by the Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology yearly. They organize exhibitions and workshops on ethical hacking, AI, app development, and other such topics. They organize several gaming events and robotics events. It also includes cultural events like gully cricket, treasure hunt, troubleshooting, battle of wars, and DJ pro nights.

6. Cognizance, IIT Roorkee 

Cognizance is organized by IIT Roorkee since 2003. Some major events are overnight coding competitions- Insomnia, multiple online treasure hunts, Robosapiens (robotics), car racing competitions, quizzical, msys biometrics, cyber forensics, and SEO events. They also conduct guest lectures by Alberto Levy, CNR Rao, Vinita Bali, and other famous personalities of technology and business that cover topics like virtual reality and androids. They have exhibitions like video face mapping and motion magic.

Top 10 Techfest in india 2022

Top 10 techfest in India 2022
Top 10 techfest in India 2022

7. Mindspark, CoEP 

Mindspark is organized by the College of Engineering, Pune. It is a national-level tech fest that started in 2007. It is one of the major crowd-pulling fests. They have workshops and exhibitions conducted by famous tech personalities like Dr. Anil Kakodhar and Dr. Shiv Kumar, covering topics like cloud computing, robotics, and touch screen. They organize gaming competitions, coding events, quizzes, and other interesting events. Their website is a must-visit.

8. Techspardha NIT Kurukshetra 

Techspardha is an annual fest organized by the National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra since 1995. It was initially called Technospect and later in 2013, it was renamed Techspardha. It conducts managerial events for entrepreneurship skills and unique ideas. They conduct robot wars, software development competitions, quizzes and puzzles, and research-based events.

9. Quarks, BITS Pilani 

Quarks is organized since 2006 by the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. It is organized annually in February. The events include electrifying, robofocial, open showcase, and BITSMUN (BITS Model United Nations), the elixir for young scientists, and programmer’s Inc for coding, and programming. It also has 3D chess, crime scene investigation, and other fun events. They also organize workshops to enhance the technical understanding of the latest tech-related topics.

10. Shastra IIT Madras 

Shaastra is India’s number-one techno-entertainment fest conducted by IIT Madras. It is entirely managed by students. They have a variety of events, competitions, shows, and hackathons. A few of the famous events are reverse coding, robonav, circuit debugging, chanakyaneeti, ultimate electronix quiz, and smart city challenge amongst others.

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Sr. Nofest NameInstitute
01TechfestIIT Bombay
02PragyanNIT Tiruchirappalli
03AxisVNIT Nagpur
04Ojas, BIT DurgBIT Durg
05HorizonIGIT Sarang
07MindsparkCoE Pune
08Techspardha NIT Kurukshetra
09QuarksBITS Pilani
10ShastraIIT Madras
Top 10 techfest in India 2022

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