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Team White Shadow Robotics

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Team White Shadow Robotics

Team White Shadow Robotics was formed through the merger of two robotics teams, Team Alligators and Black Mamba, which originated from NMAMIT college. Originally, Team Alligators was made up of college students, but it was later decided to include graduated students as well, leading to the merger of the two teams.

The team primarily participates in various robotic events such as 45Kg Robowars, 15Kg Robowars, Robo Soccer, Robo Race, Drone events, Line Follower, and other minor robotic events. In addition to competitions, the team also engages in activities such as PCB printing, 3D printing, sales of robotic requirements, and machining services.

Since its formation in 2023, Team White Shadow Robotics has achieved notable success in competitions. Some of their achievements include being the 2nd runner up in Robowars 15Kg and Robosumo at Technovanza VJTI, runner up in Line Follower at Sentia (Fest of MITE, Mangalore), winner and runner up in Robo Soccer, runner up in Robo Race, and winner and runner up in Line Follower at Tiara (Fest of SJEC, Mangalore), as well as winning Robo Soccer and Robo Race at Aakriti (Fest of Canara Engineering College, Mangalore), and winning Robo Soccer and Line Follower at Envision (Fest of Srinivas College, Mangalore).

Looking ahead, Team White Shadow Robotics has plans to work on small industrial projects and expand their expertise in the 8Kg and 30Kg Robowars categories. They aim to continue their success in competitions and strive to excel in their robotic endeavors.

Team White Shadow Robotics
Team White Shadow Robotics

With their combined skills, experience, and passion for robotics, Team White Shadow Robotics is poised to achieve even greater heights in the field of robotics and make a mark in the competitive world of robotic events.

Team White Shadow Robotics
Team White Shadow Robotics

Events we participate

  • Our team participates in 45 Kg Robowars (local event in the Mangalore region)
  • 15 Kg robowars 
  • Robo soccer
  • Robo race
  • Drone events 
  • Line follower And other minor robotic events

Services offered by the Team

  • PCB printing 
  • 3D printing 
  • Sales of robotic requirements
  • Machining services

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Achievements of Team White Shadow Robotics

Sr.NoFest NameAchievement
1Technovanza VJTIRobowars 15kg – 2nd runner up
2Technovanza VJTIRobosumo – 2nd runner up
3Sentia (Fest of MITE, Mangalore)Line follower – runner up
4Tiara (Fest of SJEC, Mangalore) Robosoccer – winner and runner
5Tiara (Fest of SJEC, Mangalore) Roborace – runner up
6Tiara (Fest of SJEC, Mangalore)Line follower – winner and runner
7Aakriti ( Fest Canara Engineering College, Mangalore )Robosoccer – winner
8Aakriti ( Fest Canara Engineering College, Mangalore )Roborace – winner 
9Envision (Fest of Srinivas college, Mangalore )Robosoccer – winner 
10Envision (Fest of Srinivas college, Mangalore )Line follower – winners and runners 
Achievements of Team White Shadow Robotics

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