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Prixx works Pune Robotics Startup

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1.Prixx Works Pune Robotics Startup

Prixx works Pune robotics startup:- This Pune based startup is providing their robotics-related services to national as well as international teams. They will guide and help you in designing for your robowar bots and to manufacture the robots.

Prixx works is providing robowar & robotics-related service to new beginners as well as Indian Roboteers under a single roof. They provide Services like VMC Machining, Lathe Machining work, Water Jet, Laser Cutting, Drilling & Many other services.

2.Journey of prixx works

Sushant Barde (founder) & Nishant Mahajan both were in the same college in Pune, while pursuing their Mechanical engineering and meet each other in the robotics lab while preparing for Robocon 2016 event as a College Team. They discussed their ideas and their journey started as a Roboteer. They started their journey in September 2016 in the area of Robotics with the name of Team Prixx from the college level. 

“Together they play various national robotics events in prestigious Indian colleges. at the same time, they are gaining knowledge & Good things where stated happening but Not everything goes well every time. The team also faced a number of frauds in the machining sector”

Prixx works Pune Robotics Startup
Sushant Barde is the founder and CEO of Prixx Works


Prixx works Pune Robotics Startup
Chaitanya Gaikwad is the BDM of Prixx Works

Frauds like not the proper price for the materials, High Machining cost & machining companies did not provide proper output with finishing even after paying more Price for the product. So, they decided to introduce a separate entity in the machine sector with the name PrixxWorks to reduce such bad experiences faced by new Roboteers.

The international entry of this startup and team.

Sushant Barde says “Last time we collaborated with Team Olympians with whom we made our debut at International Level Combat Robotics Event and secured positions and achieved lots of prizes.”

After their international participation team plays at a national level from 2018 March, they participated in many National and International Events and then entered the Machining sector as an Entity PrixxWorks to help our Fellow Indian Roboteers in the machining of their Robots and other parts for which students find difficult to search. 

Nishant Mahajan says “The concept behind the prixx works as a one-stop solution for the Indian Roboteers students who face issues or difficulty in finding correct machining area or rates or proper guidance for machining.”

Sushant Barde says “As our team faced such issues in past we wanted to help every student in the machining sector with their academic projects as well as other robotics competition. In the robotics community, we have heard a lot of frauds and complaints told to us by many team members.”

Prixx works Pune Robotics Startup
Prixx works Pune Robotics Startup

Now in the presence prixx works is working hard to provide the student with proper Guidance, Machining Solution, and Engineering solutions. Prixx Works provides machining in various sectors like VMC, CNC,3d printing, etc. So students & Roboteers could get one-stop solution for there College Projects, with no fraudulent or fudging as we faced such issues when we were the new Roboteers and also heard many complaints from various parts of India from Roboteers about the fraudulent and were asked to bring something in this sector so it can be reduced.

They created this entity prixx works and now pursuing it as a start-up idea with new ideas for students and Roboteers so they can get any type of material, machining, designing, or guidance help under one roof. Right now in India, there are only a few companies that provide this type of service for robowar teams.

Sushant Barde says “We are making various Tie-Ups with companies so the rates of machining for students could get lowered to least cost as much as we can.”

3.Upcoming plans of prixx work 

They are also intended to enter the Industrial Machining sector as a start-up with Machining solution in the future with their new Start-up-Idea soon

4.Services of Prixx works
Prixx works Pune Robotics Startup

List of Services:

  1. VMC
  2. CNC
  3. Lathe Machining
  4. 3d-Printing
  5. Water jet and laser-cutting
  6. Wire cutting
  7. EDM
  8. Many more
Prixx works Pune Robotics Startup


  1. Steel Grades
  2. Aluminum Grades
  3. Titanium
  4. Lead
  5. Copper
  6. UHMW
  7. Nylon
5.Work Portfolio:

Our First Combat Robot We made with team Olympians



We made their Combat robots parts which they required and contacted for machining.

Team TechnoBots (Goa):

We Designed and Manufactured there Combat Robot

● Team TechNo-Minds (TNM, Chhattisgarh):

We Manufactured there 2 Combat Robots

● Team ARMD (Bhusawal):

We Manufactured there Combat Robots

● GajCyborg Team (Bhusawal):

We Manufactured there Combat Robots Weapon

● Team Stranger (Kolkata):

We Provided them Material of Steel grade & Aluminium


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