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List of Top Techfest at IITs in India 

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List of Top Techfest at IITs in India 2022

1. Techkriti Fest 

Techkriti is an annual four-day Inter-collegiate Technical and Entrepreneurship festival organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur which is held each March. The word Techkriti is derived from tech (technology) and the Sanskrit kriti (creation). The festival began in 1995 to develop student technological innovation. 29th edition will be held in March 2023. Our efforts, work, and thoughts, all are synced to one simple thing only – help our society as much as we can. To ensure our goal, we have set up an international platform for people to innovate and compete. Here, at Techkriti we truly believe that this can be done by having competitions and letting people crave for the best. In the process, everyone from society will eventually lead to a better place.

2. Technex Fest

Asia’s oldest techno-management festival, Technex ’22. We, the students of IIT (BHU) Varanasi, have strived to deliver a mesmerizing experience through a simulated virtual world. Take advantage of this year’s 83rd Edition opportunity to participate in a variety of top-notch events.

3. Techfest Fest

Techfest, IIT Bombay is Asia’s Largest Science and Technology festival, with 1,75,000+ people in attendance, a social media reach of 3.1 Million Facebook followers, and a reach across over 2500 colleges across India and over 500 overseas. It provides a platform for one and all to witness one of the most and groundbreaking amalgamations of science and technology with pure delight and enthusiasm.

List of Top Techfest at IITs in India
List of Top Techfest at IITs in India

With a display of motivating orations, state-of-the-art technology, cut-throat competitions, and breathtaking performances for its audience, Techfest for the past 24 years has served to be the ideal destination to learn, create and experience the beauty of technology, and has also expanded overseas through its outreach campaigns and competitions.

Techfest has diversified into an organization that apart from showcasing the pinnacle of technical and scientific advancement and innovation, also strives for the betterment of society with its high-impact social initiatives. Be it a Guinness World Record-breaking campaign focused at promoting the use of solar energy in all states and union territories of India, or promoting awareness regarding mental health and the taboo of menstruation, Techfest’s social initiatives have set the festival apart from any other college festival and added a whole new dimension to this organization working on a non-profit basis.

List of Top Techfest at IITs in India
List of Top Techfest at IITs in India

4. Kshitij Fest

Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur’s annual techno-management symposium, has grown in popularity, celebrating the spirit of science and technology by bringing together students from all across India to demonstrate their scientific and managerial prowess. We’re renowned for putting on an eclectic mix of events, including synchronized workshops, technical displays, and guest talks by experts in the fields of technology.

5. Cognizance Fest

Cognizance, the Annual Technical Festival of IIT Roorkee, is the conjugation of some of the finest technical minds in the country with a platform for them to promulgate their skills and aim to reach the pinnacle of their talents. Initiated in 2003, Cognizance has provided a podium for engineering innovations and raw ideas to echo, over the last 15 glorious years and has set new benchmarks of quality. Cognizance 2017 was a huge success with an overwhelming outreach of 2,00,000 from all over the world and garnering over 22 lakh web hits.

Cognizance aims to achieve the vision to be at the frontiers of emerging technovation. aims to provide a platform to the widely enthusiastic youth populace of India to showcase their mind-boggling innovations.

6. Shaastra Fest

Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India. The Sanskrit word ‘Shaastra’ means a subject of study/branch of knowledge and the festival accordingly consists of various engineering, science, and technology competitions, summits, lectures, video conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations, and workshops. The festival is traditionally held over four days and four nights during the first week of January. It has so far seen twenty-one editions, having started in its current avatar in the year 2000. Shaastra attracts participation from all over India and seeks to provide collegiate students with a platform to showcase their scientific and engineering talents. Shaastra is entirely student managed and is the first such event in the world to be ISO 9001:2015 certified for implementing a Quality Management System. It is one of Asia’s largest completely student-run techno-managerial festivals.

7. Nvision Fest:

Elan and ηVision is the annual techno-cultural fest of IIT Hyderabad and is one of the largest fests in South India. Elan refers to the cultural part and ηVision cites the technological part of the fest. This fest boasts of several professional and semi-professional crowd-pulling events and promises to be a grand event that exhibits the best of cultural performances, technical solutions, and advances from the student community.

This fest is held on the campus of IIT Hyderabad and is completely organized by the students. Students of IITH amalgamate into a team and put all their efforts into organizing this fest. Each domain here organization has its own motive and all of them collectively organize this fantabulous fest.

8. TRYST Fest 

TRYST, IIT Delhi is North India’s largest science, technological and management festival conducted by the student community of IIT Delhi. From enchanting guest lectures to learning hands-on skills through workshops, from exciting departmental activities and competitions to mesmerising techno-cultural nights, from meeting eminent personalities to discovering science as never seen before, TRYST has it all. With 75+ events and participation of 40,000 students from all over the nation, team TRYST ensures there is something fun for everyone. Come aboard and have an experience of a lifetime!. Click the links below to explore the current tryst website and social media. List of Top Techfest at IITs in India 2022

9. Amalthea Fest:

Amalthea is India’s first student-run Annual Technical Summit conducted by IIT Gandhinagar. Since its inception in 2010, Amalthea has been pushing boundaries and setting high standards. With a plethora of exciting events, conclaves, and a symposium coupled with a tech expo, we are back offline and ready to go beyond the impossible and blow away your minds.

Amalthea believes in fostering innovation and creative thinking by providing a forum for people to exchange their ideas and thoughts. We aim to serve as a bridge between industry and academia in order to connect and discuss pivotal technological prospects. Amalthea aspires to encourage young minds to ponder upon current issues and seek innovative and feasible solutions.

10. Exodia Fest

Deemed as one of the biggest techno-cult fests of the North, the Seventh edition of EXODIA is all set to be pulled off this spring, 6th-8th April, among the serene valleys of the Himalayas, by the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi.

Right from its inception, the fest has proved to be a great crowd magnet and has thus despite its nascency, been hiking to greater heights with each new edition.
A great balance of technical and cultural events and workshops fuelling the competitor, the learner in you – alongside pro-nights with mind-blasting performances by all-known youth icons to groove your mundane, excitement-starved spirits at the end of the day; and not forgetting to ignite and motivate a career-oriented mind, by offering some phenomenal guest lectures by who’s who of the technical and entrepreneurial world, Exodia’s got something in its baggage for everyone.

List of Top Techfest at IITs in India
List of Top Techfest at IITs in India

The fest sprawls itself into a wide spectrum of cultural and technical fields. we’ve got a plethora of activities, Bandslam (for all the musicians out there), Canvas (something for the painters), Coutour (Fashion police doing rounds better dress well!!), Groove Fanatics (For the slaves to the rhythm) are some cultural events to name.

When it’s a fest by an IIT, technicalities, we can’t miss. Exodia hosts fiercely competitive Hurdle Rush (A robotics maze maneuver event), Dementia (Competitive Coding Battles), Junkyard Wars (Solving an engineering problem with the Best out Of Waste), and another amazing tech. know-how battles.

11. Wissenaire Fest

Wissenaire, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Bhubaneswar is one of the biggest of its kind in East India. Encompassing various sectors of technology, science, and management this three-day extravaganza is maneuvers its participants through the world of futuristic technologies. Wissenaire’s theme changes every year in order to keep up with all the developments that take place year after year.

Throughout generations, information and communication technology have had a huge impact on our lives. The style of communication we used to transmit information has changed dramatically throughout time, from rock sculptures to today’s electronic media. With the help of information and communication technology.

12. Advitiya Fest

Advitya The Annual TechFest of IIT Ropar, we aim to explore this realm of human prowess that holds potential beyond limits.

13. Techniche Fest:

Techniche is the annual Techno-Management festival of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati. The festival was started in 1999 by a group of students within the IIT Guwahati campus. Spread over three days and four nights, Techniche is generally conducted towards the end of August each year.

List of Top Techfest at IITs in India
List of Top Techfest at IITs in India

14. Fluxus Fest:

Fluxus is the annual Techno-Cultural Festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Indore. It is a 3-day event generally held in the month of February. Started in 2011, Fluxus is Central India’s largest college festival Fluxus is a college festival managed entirely by the students of IIT Indore.

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Sr. NoTechnical Fest NameCollege Name
01TechkritiIIT Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
02TechnexIIT BHU, Uttar Pradesh
03TechfestIIT Bombay, Maharashtra
04Kshitij IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal
05CognizanceIIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand
06ShaastraIIT Madras, Tamil Nadu
07NvisionIIT Hyderabad, Telangana
08TRYST FestIIT Delhi, Delhi
09AmaltheaIIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat
10ExodiaIIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
11WissenaireIIT Bhubaneswar, Odisha
12AdvitiyaIIT Ropar, Punjab
13TechnicheIIT Guwahati, Assam
14FluxusIIT Indore, Madhya Pradesh
List of Top Techfest at IITs in India 2022

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