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Five Goan students to represent India in global robotics challenge

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Five Goan Students to Represent India in Global Robotics Challenge

FIRST Global Challenge

FIRST Global Challenge is an international robotics competition, akin to the Olympics, where students from various countries collaborate to address global challenges using robotics and STEM skills. This year’s competition will be held in Singapore from October 7 to 10, 2023.

Team Legogoa: Chosen Representatives

A team of five Goan students from Team Legogoa has been selected to represent India at FGC 2023. team has been involved in robotics for six years and possesses skills in robot building, 3D designing, and 3D printing.

Overcoming Challenges with Limited Resources

Despite limited resources for robotics in India, especially in Goa, the team remains determined to succeed through continuous learning and planned outreach programs to boost confidence.

A Proud Moment for Indian Representation

selected students are thrilled to represent India at an international level and express excitement about the learning opportunities and experiences this competition will offer.

Empowering the Youth through Robotics and STEM Education

STEM Education Trust (SET) is a non-profit organization committed to transforming the educational landscape in India. Their mission is to provide quality learning opportunities to students across the nation, with a focus on under-represented communities, in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Five Goan Students to Represent India in Global Robotics Challenge
Five Goan Students to Represent India in Global Robotics Challenge
Promoting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

STEM education equips students with critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills necessary for success in the modern world. 

A Collaborative Robotics Competition

FIRST Global Challenge brings together students from over 190 countries to collaboratively compete in a robotics competition that highlights the importance of renewable energy.

Addressing Global Challenges

Teams from different nations work together to complete tasks based on global challenges, fostering an understanding of STEM and cooperation among youth.

Team India 2023: Impressive Credentials

Team Legogoa, the Indian representative for FGC 2023, has a strong track record with multiple national and international awards in robotics. They possess diverse skills, including robot building, 3D designing, 3D printing, and conducting workshops. The team comprises five students, four boys, and one girl, hailing from different schools in Goa. Each member brings unique talents and passion for robotics to the team.

Building the Tennis Ball Contraption

the team qualified for Team India by designing and building a contraption capable of throwing a tennis ball the farthest distance without external energy sources, utilizing concepts of projectile motion. Team impressed judges with their dedication, passion, and commitment to solving the tennis ball challenge within a short timeframe, showcasing their capabilities as representatives of India.

Spreading Awareness and Promoting STEM

Goan team plans to leverage their learnings from the competition to create massive awareness about the benefits of STEM education and the transformative impact of competitive robotics.

Conducting a Massive STEM Challenge

Team aims to organize a large-scale STEM challenge in schools across Goa, with support from the government, to elevate the state’s position in the field of education.

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